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Dynatec Orion Induction Heater

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Orion Induction Heater

Made by DynaTec, a Dynavap company, the Orion Portable Induction Heater was created to bring out the best performance from your favorite vaporizer, through consistent, torch-less heating that you can take almost anywhere.

The DynaTec Orion Induction Heater is an extremely light weight, travel-friendly, heating system made especially for Dynavap Vaporizers that makes on-demand heating easier than ever. No torches, no buttons; just an easy to use Intelligent Activation Heater that will begin heating your cap as soon as it's pressed into the induction heater. In 5 to 10 seconds your material will be heated to perfection and you'll be ready for luxurious, tasty vapor. The built in LED light will blink to let you know it's heating, so there's no guess work involved. If you struggle to hear the click, you can easily count the number of blinks you see to estimate when it's ready or you can easily feel the clicks through tactile amplification. Simply wait to hear or feel the click or watch for the correct amount of blinks and puff away. The included zippered case also fits not only your Orion Induction Heater but the USB-C charging cable, the included Snapstash, and has room to organize and safely store your Vapcaps.

Key Features:

  • Light Weight and Portable
  • Intelligent Activation Heating (Button-less design)
  • Torch-less Heating
  • Easy to Carry Zippered Case
  • 5-10 Second Heating Time
  • Consistent Heating Every Time
  • Built-In Magnet for Faster Cooling
  • Blinking LED Light when Heating
  • Tactile Amplifier (Makes Feeling the Click Even Easier)


Included Items:

  • Orion Induction Heater
  • Zippered Case
  • USB-C Charging Cable
  • Snapstash
  • User Manual


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