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Getting to the Heart of The CORE

The new CORE vaporizer by Shenzhen Crossing is the latest and greatest e-rig to hit our shelves and we want to tell you all about it!

You may be familiar with Shenzhen Crossing from their beloved concentrate vaporizer, The Saionara! Just like the Sai, the CORE offers a variety of coil options and customization to dial in the perfect experience! It features USB C charging and comes with a bubble directional carb cap to move your concentrates around the dish!

The glass top of The CORE features two holes for just the right amount of cooling percolation, while featuring a tapered mouthpiece to concentrate all of the flavor before it hits your tongue! You can use as much or as little water as you’d like with The CORE - more water will cool your vapor more while less water will have more flavor in your rips! As a guideline, be sure to use enough water to cover the two percolation holes while leaving at least a centimeter of space between the water and the top of the airflow column in the center of the perc. 

The CORE includes a standard bubble cap and supports most standard bubble style carb caps! The beveled edge of the removable vapor dome allows for a perfect seal when using bubble style caps. If you already own some bubble caps, give them a shot and see which one you like best! 

The vapor dome can be quickly removed for easy cleaning - it pops right off with a little tug! Coils are removed by rotating counter clockwise, and the buckets themselves can also be removed by inserting a coin in the coil’s “coin slot” and twisting counter clockwise.

Be sure to clean your buckets up with a cotton swab after every session! A clean bucket is a happy, tasty bucket after all! A quick swab around the bucket with a Q-tip when your session is over will keep everything looking (and tasting!) sparkly fresh!

When your CORE is ready to charge, plug it into the included USB-C cable and charging block. The device requires approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes to fully charge. The light will pulse red while charging and will change to a solid green light once fully charged.

The CORE kit includes three coils to start: a triple black ceramic coil, a titanium bucket coil, and a quartz bucket coil! The device has four power settings: two settings for the triple black ceramic coil (Red and Blue) and two settings for bucket coils (White and Green). Think of these as “low temp” and “high temp” settings for the respective coils! 


The CORE features both on demand and session mode options for taking a rip! The black ceramic coil is designed for quick on demand rips whenever you need a fast cloud, while the buckets were designed to provide tasty perfect-temperature rips of vapor! 

How to Use The CORE

Powering the device on and off:

Click the power button 5 times to turn The CORE device on and off. When you power on the device, the light will blink to show your battery level. Green is full, White is about half charged, Blue is getting low, and Red means you should pop it on the charger!

Changing the heat setting:

Click the power button 3 times to change the heat setting on The CORE e-rig. The temperatures are as follows:

Red: LOW on the Triple Titanium Coil

Blue: HIGH on the Triple Titanium Coil

White: LOW on the Titanium Bucket and Quartz Bucket Coils

Green: HIGH on the Titanium Bucket and Quartz Bucket Coils


Using the Triple Ceramic Coil:

Only use Red and Blue settings on the Triple Titanium Coil!

On demand rips work the best with the Triple Titanium coil! Load your material onto the coils inside the atomizer (we recommend the size of half a grain of rice per coil), seat the carb cap on top of the dome, and press and hold the power button for 8-10 seconds while inhaling. Pulse the button for 4-5 second intervals for the best tasting clouds of vapor. The device has a 15 second time-out warning if you hold the button too long to prevent burning your load.

To use session mode, double click the button - the device will start pre-heating and the light will start pulsing. Once the device vibrates, it’s ready to rip! After 60 seconds the heating cycle will disengage. To end a heating cycle early, just click the power button once!

Using the bucket coils:

Only use White and Green settings on the Titanium Bucket and Quartz Bucket coils!

Session mode works best with the Titanium Bucket and Quartz Bucket coils! Load your material into the bucket - the size of a grain of rice tends to work best! Place the carb cap on top of the dome and double click the button. The device will begin to pre-heat and should vibrate once it’s ready to rip! 

Pull slowly on the device while rotating the carb cap for the best rip. Use the airflow from the carb cap to direct your material around the dish! The device will vibrate when the session ends. You can always double click the button again to take it for another session! To end a heating cycle early, click the button a single time. Be sure to use a cotton swab to clean out the bucket once your session is over!

On demand mode: Load your concentrate into the bucket (we recommend the size of half a grain of rice for on demand rips), place the carb cap on top of the dome, and hold the power button down for 8-10 seconds at a time while slowly inhaling.

Cleaning The CORE

First, remove the glass attachment from the device by gently pulling it up and away from the base. Pour out the water and fill the glass attachment with a little isopropyl alcohol. Shake the alcohol around to clean off any residue inside the water pipe attachment!

Next, remove the vapor dome and carb cap and wipe them down with isopropyl alcohol. Practice healthy CORE exercises by cleaning the vapor dome and carb cap regularly, as keeping them clean will help with providing more time between deep cleanings!

Unscrew the coil from the base of the device by pressing down on it and screwing counter clockwise. Lefty loosey! Wipe the coil down with a paper towel and isopropyl alcohol. If cleaning a bucket coil, insert a coin into the coin slot (a US quarter or similar sized coin works perfectly) and twist counter clockwise. The buckets themselves can be soaked in isopropyl alcohol to clean them up. Use a cotton swab to scrub off any built up residue.

Be sure to allow everything to thoroughly dry after cleaning! 

Let us know what you think!

Let us know what you think of The CORE in the comments below! Want to chat with us in real time? Come watch our streams on Twitch or join our new Discord Channel to connect with us and other vaporizer lovers!

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  • If you don’t mind supporting a chinese manufactuer, it is a great product especially once you get the water level set the thing just chugs and rips, ive stopped using my rig and torch as this is just a very convenient rig to use, comes with a great softshell case for portability and the multiple coil options are an added plus. I prefer the Titanium or the Quartz bucket over the rod coil but thats just preference. Solid product keep it charged on green or white and it is a great piece.

    John Smith on

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