Collection: Eyce

Eyce Molds

Since 2013, Eyce has been producing top shelf silicone pipes, rigs and waterpipes for concentrates and dry herb with color options that suit a variety of people and styles. These Silicone pipes are flexible, durable and super easy to clean while also using one of the safest food-grade materials available.

Platinum-cured Silicone is food-grade safe and unlike peroxide-cured silicone isn’t oily or greasy to the touch. These silicone products are also less prone to breaking than glass and are more affordable due to a lower cost of manufacturing than glass products.

Eyce also offer the Proteck line for those who prefer the flavor that glass provides but still want to keep their pieces Proteck-ted.

If you’re new to using Eyce Mold products, don’t forget to pair your new pipe, rig, or waterpipe with Eyce’s quality cleaning products to keep your new purchase fresh.