Collection: Desktop Vaporizers

Desktop Vaporizers

If you’re looking for heavy hitters during your sessions a Desktop Vaporizer could be the perfect device. There’s no charging of batteries or worrying about misplacing a portable unit, desktop vaporizers are a “set and forget” device that provide a premium vapor experience. The most popular desktop vaporizer of all time is the Volcano Classic Vaporizer, and while it has a bit of a hefty price tag the performance and reliability are worth it. A couple of our frients have owned theirs for over a decade with very little maintenance. For users looking to just get their feet wet with a desktop vaporizer the Arizer V-Tower and Extreme Q are more affordable but still provide fantastic vapor production.

The Volcano Hybrid

The Volcano Hybrid is Storz & Bickel’s newest desktop vaporizer. Filled with features, this vape RIPS. Super smooth vapor and an overall enjoyable experience for you and your frients!

The Arizer EQ

The Arizer EQ is a budget friendly desktop vaporizer that functions similarly to the Volcano Hybrid. Use it for heavy hitting sessions, or microdose with a few simple accessories.

The Ditanium

The Ditanium is an absolute powerhouse. It’s the newest vape to hit our desktop vaporizer lineup and the only dual use vaporizer we recommend daily. Use it with your favorite dry herbs or concentrates, and exhale clouds that would rival a dragon.