PuffItUp's Grand Reopening

 May 19, 2021  Folio3 Pvt Ltd Collaborator> Comments
w00t! Your favorite company is back. PuffItUp is celebrating its Grand Reopening! Thank you so much for your support all of these years. We're looking forward to helping you all for many more years to come.

Storz & Bickel Mighty User Guide

 February 9, 2021  Andrew @puffitup> Comments
Heyo! Did you just grab yourself a new Mighty Vaporizer? This guide will help out with all the basics. It includes some expert tips on using and maintaining your S&B Mighty vaporizer.

Sticky Brick User Guide

 January 13, 2021  Zakk Reece> Comments
The Sticky Brick User Guide was built by vaporists, for vaporists. We love the SBL lineup and wanted to share how to get the best clouds from your Brick, how to clean a sticky brick, and how to use a stickybrick in on easy to read format. With some practice, you could be enjoying the experience of on demand vapor on your own :)
If you have any questions about your new Fury Edge, or even if you’re new to dry herb vaporizers, this guide is for you. This User Guide goes over how to use the Fury Edge, how to clean your Fury Edge, and how to get the best cloud from the Edge as well!

X-MAX QOMO Review - Full Guide

 November 6, 2020  Alex PIU> Comments

Heyo! Alex from PuffItUp here with another ultimate vape review. This time, we’re showcasing the new X-MAX QOMO vaporizer. With a pocket-friendly, easily portable design and an affordable, entry level price, the QOMO is a great way to dip your toes into the e-rig waters. If you have any questions...

Boundless Terp Pen Review - User Guide

 October 29, 2020  Alex PIU> Comments
Today we are going over how to use your boundless terp pen v2. From taking the perfect draw with it, to cleaning the terppen PuffItUp has you covered! Using the Terp Pen is super easy, and we think everyone should have one of these budget friendly extract pens!

Sap Swabs Review

 September 17, 2020  Alex PIU> Comments
Sap Swabs are cotton swabs filled with isopropyl alcohol to help with cleaning your vaporizers. Are you having a hard time finding isopropyl alcohol right now due to the pandemic? Grab some Sap Swabs and clean up your dirty vapes!

Dynatec Orion User Guide

 September 17, 2020  Zakk Reece> Comments
The Orion induction heater is Dynatec's newest heater. Dynatec is a Dynavap company that also makes a couple other heaters. The Orion IH is their latest and greatest, with USB-C charging, a small portable design, and Intelligent Activation when the Vapcap is inserted into the coil. Let us know if you have questions!

Fury EDGE Teardown

 September 4, 2020  Randy Thompson> Comments
 Hello there and thanks for tuning into another exciting teardown! This time we are taking apart the popular Fury Edge! This vape is built extremely well in our opinion, what do you think?

SZ Crossing Core E-Rig Teardown

 September 4, 2020  Randy Thompson> Comments
The SZ Crossing Core Erig Teardown! This is the first E-rig we've seen with a fully isolated airpath. SZ Crossing is always setting new standards, and without vapor traveling through the atomizer we are extremely pleased with the build quality!