Flowermate Swift Pro Convection Vaporizer - A Closer Look

Flowermate Swift Pro Convection Vaporizer - A Closer Look

The more time we spend with the Flowermate Swift Pro the more we like it. One of the only true 100% convection vaporizers available, the Swift Pro provides amazing flavor and efficiency in a sleek and compact form.

  • Design Overview: The Swift Pro portable vaporizer is 4 inches tall, 2.5 inches wide and weighs only 4.5 ounces. Its compact size and low weight make it incredibly pocket friendly. Key features include a pure convection heating element, customizable chamber and impressively flavorful vapor. The fully isolated air path ensures pure, clean vapor with no intrusive flavors. The Swift Pro will initially be available in Green and Black; Blue and Red should be available soon.
  • Pure Convection: The Flowermate Swift Pro's heating element is completely separate from the chamber; air is heated and drawn through the herbs only during draws for maximum efficiency. Convection vaporization is known for providing the best flavor because heat is only applied as necessary instead of the material constantly being cooked.
  • Customizable Chamber: One of the coolest features of the FM Swift Pro is the modular chamber. Two turns with the included chamber tool removes the top piece, chamber walls and screen. The chamber walls can be replaced with custom wood, stainless steel or borosilicate glass rings. The wood rings add different flavors to your herbs while in use. The chamber holds roughly .15g of material; in our experience that's enough for about 15 solid draws.
  • Digital Temperature Control: The Swift offers a wide temperature range of 140°-446°F, allowing you to choose your exact heat preference to the digit. Temperature is adjusted with digital controls and displayed along with remaining battery life on the crisp, clear digital screen. The Swift reaches vaporization temperatures in roughly 30 seconds and cools down automatically after 4 minutes to conserve battery life. At 385°F we got ten 4 minute cycles from a cold start before the battery needed recharging.
  • Parts and Accessories: The base package includes the Swift Pro, 5 replacement screens, the chamber removal tool, loading tool, cleaning brush, USB cable, storage bag, user manual, extra o-ring and warranty card. The Swift also comes with a mixture of replacement chamber rings; currently they include Borosilicate Glass, African Palisander, South American Palisander and Bamboo.

Overall, the Swift Pro is a uniquely awesome vaporizer from our friends at Flowermate. A big thanks to the Flowermate team and the people checking out this early review. If you would like to see us review any other products please leave a comment below.


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