Eyce Spark Rig

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The EYCE Spark Rig is the premier product of the Eyce ProTeck™ Glass Series. This borosilicate glass glow rig is encased in a platinum-cured silicone exterior for added protection, making it great for everyday use. The Eyce Spark Rig is equipped with a battery-powered white LED light, concentrate bucket, dry herb bowl, steel poker, tool holders, and hidden storage.

How To Use The Eyce Spark ProTeck Rig

This little glass rig offers users the convenience and flexibility to switch between dry herbs and concentrate. Similar to other rigs on the market, to vape concentrates start by:

  • Gathering your smoking materials
  • Heat the banger to your preferred temperature
  • Use the included steel poker to scoop your concentrates
  • Apply the concentrate to the banger
  • Wait for vapor to form, and take a draw

If you're smoking dry herbs:

  • Grind your dry herb
  • Swap the banger with the 14mm Borosilicate Slide
  • Add your materials to the Slide piece
  • Light up your dry herb
  • Enjoy!

Clean And Maintain Your Spark ProTeck Rig

The Spark ProTeck glass rig was designed with ease in mind. Cleaning and maintaining this glass rig is a breeze.

  • Grab the rig from the base and pull the glass outwards to separate from the silicone
  • Add your ISO alcohol cleaning solution
  • Rinse it out
  • Wipe the ProTeck Glass Rig dry
  • Fit it back into the silicone molding