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 The Mighty+ Vaporizer

The most anticipated vaporizer ever, The Mighty+ Vaporizer, has landed and it’s everything we’d hoped for and more. 

The Mighty Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel is one of the most popular vaporizers on the market and for good reason. It packs a punch and provides users with huge, dense clouds, phenomenal, tasty, flavor, and a satisfying and consistent performance. Since the Crafty+  launch brought us an impressive and successful upgrade to the beloved Crafty, fans all over the world have had our fingers crossed for a similarly exciting upgrade for the Mighty… and it’s everything we could have hoped for.

The Mighty+ Vaporizer features a new housing design that is even more durable and holdable than the original and has new orange buttons that we just adore. The Mighty+ also boats a brand-new ceramic coated chamber as opposed to the original polished aluminum filling chamber. This provides an even better flavor experience than before, and more even heating of material.

The Mighty+ Vape uses USB-C Charging and with a new circuit board to accommodate all that power the Mighty+ can charge to 80% battery life in as little as 40 minutes, can heat up in 60 seconds (can vary depending on weather and battery life), can be charged almost anywhere via USB, has pass-through charging for use while it’s charging, no longer needs a chunky power cable, and has some neat changes to the iconic “boost mode.”

The “Boost Mode” has been upgraded to take on a new form: Super Booster. The Super Booster Temperature mode is activated by clicking the Mighty+’s power button 3 times quickly and raises the temperature instantly by 27° Fahrenheit (15° Celsius)

The Mighty+ now Stands on its own! Now featuring two tiny and discreet fins on the bottom, there’s no need to purchase a stand. The Mighty+ can stand all on its own on flat surfaces.

They Mighty+ is Safe! So safe in fact, that it is the first vaporizer to ever receive UL Certification. UL is a leading global safety science organization and took an interest in testing vaporizers for safety with UL 8139- a standard for vaporizer safety. UL has tested and inspected the Mighty+ and certified it. While no electronic equipment is ever 100% free of potential risks, the Mighty+ meets UL’s standards for vaporizer safety.

The Mighty+ genuinely is everything we’d hoped for and more and provides one of the best vaporizer experiences we’ve ever had. The most common customer question in regards to any products we sell, “is it worth it?” can be answered with a definite yes when it comes to the Mighty+ Vaporizer. If you love the Mighty or any other Storz and Bickel products, this is a vape you must experience for yourself.

Key Features 

  • New Housing Design- More Durable and Attractive
  • New Ceramic Coated Chamber- Better Flavor
  • New USB-C Charging- No Chunky Power Cable and Charge to 80% within 40 Minutes
  • New Super Boost- Instantly heat up 27 degrees Fahrenheit (15 Celsius)
  • New Fins on Bottom- It stands on its own!
  • New Safety Features- UL Certified
  • 60 Sec Heat Up Time
  • 104-410℉ Heating
  • Convection Dominant Heating
  • 8 Diffused Heat Jets
  • Minimal Draw Restriction
  • Ultra Precise Heater
  • Passthrough Charging (Use while it’s charging)
  • Draw Sensitive Sleep Timer
  • Unique Cooling Unit
  • Haptic Feedback (Vibration Notifications)
  • 5.5 In. Tall, 3.2 In Wide, 1.2 In Deep
  • Weighs 8.5 Ounces
  • 2 Year Warranty or 3 Year if you register your vape on the Storz and Bickel Website

How to Use The Mighty+ Vaporizer 

Load the chamber- Twist the cooling unit counterclockwise and lift to access the heating chamber. A full load of coarsely ground and lightly packed material works best

Turn it on- Activate the Mighty+ by holding down the side button for a few seconds until the unit vibrates Set your temperature- Use the front plus (+) and Minus (-) buttons

Take a draw- When the set temperature is reached, the unit will vibrate a second time. You can now draw.

Super Boost Mode- For a quick temperature jump, press the power button 3 times quickly after the Mighty+ has fully heated. This helps to get that last bit of extraction from your material.

Sleep Timer- The unit will sleep after 2 minutes of not being used for safety. Vibrations will let you know when the unit has gone to sleep.

Cleaning the Mighty+ 

Cleaning your Mighty+ on a regular basis will keep it functioning like new.

Brush the chamber- After every session, use the cleaning brush to keep debris off the screens in the chamber and cooling unit. This helps keep the airflow open.

Basic Cleaning- Remove the cooling unit and separate the pieces. Use cotton swabs and a small amount of isopropyl alcohol to clean these parts as well as the chamber. You only need a small amount of isopropyl alcohol. It should be damp but not runny.

Deeper Cleaning- Same as the basic cleaning, however you will also remove the seal-rings and screens. These parts can be cleaned with alcohol or replaced with a new seal ring or new screen set. If you follow the steps of brushing and basic cleaning, the need to replace these parts will be uncommon.

Included Items 

  • Mighty+ Vaporizer
  • USB-C Cable (USB-C to USB-A Style Plug)
  • 1 Normal Screen-Small
  • 1 Coarse Screen- Small
  • 1 Base Seal Ring- Small
  • 1 Dosing Capsule
  • 1 Cleaning Brush
  • 1 Detailed User Manual