VapCap M 2019 Starter Pack

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VapCap M 2019 Starter Pack by DynaVap

The 2019 VapCap M has been upgraded in every way with increased convection, improved airflow, and enhanced grip, and this starter pack is great for any new DynaVap user! The 2019 Vapcap M Starter Pack is filled with goodies including a wood DynaStash to carry your new M, a butane lighter, replacement parts to keep it operating smoothly, and some cleaning supplies. You'll be well on your way to mastering the VapCap, just provide the fuel, respect the click and you're set to blast off!

VapCap M 2019 Features

Key Features:

  • NEW ZigZag Air Channels - Increased Convection
  • NEW Chamber Air Inlets - Increased Airflow
  • NEW Geometric Friction Grip
  • NEW Knurled Warning Track
  • NEW Grooved Carb Hole
  • Non-Electric Temp Notification (Click)
  • Stainless Steel Build
  • Sharp Chamber Tip for Direct Loading
  • Butane Torch Heated
  • Reaches Vaping Temp in Seconds
  • No batteries, No charging
  • USA Designed and Constructed

Using the 2019 VapCap M:

The VapCap M sections are friction fit, they can be assembled and
disassembled by gently twisting and lifting. Usage technique with the 2019 M is simple but important for optimal results:
  1. Twist off the cap, fill the loading chamber with material (coarsely ground works best) and put the cap back on.
  2. Slowly rotate the VCM while applying heat to the cap using a small
    jet torch, standard lighter, candle or even a hot stick from a campfire.
    Anything that can apply adequate heat can be used.
  3. Once you hear the M's cap click it's at the proper temperature.
    Begin taking your draws; you should get 1-2 draws at the proper
    temperature before clicking again indicating it's below temperature.
  4. Make sure you wait until you hear the cooldown click before
    applying more heat. To avoid combustion DO NOT apply more heat before
    the cooldown click.
  5. Once you hear the cooldown click you can apply more heat until you
    hear the unit click again indicating it's back up to temperature; you
    can now take more draws.
  6. Repeat steps 2-5 until your material stops producing vapor for complete extraction.

Included Items:

  • 2019 M
  • DynaStash (Wood type will vary. Walnut or Cedar.)
  • Butane Torch Lighter
  • Airtight Storage Container
  • Cotton Pipe Cleaners (5)
  • High Temp O-rings (3)
  • Condenser O-rings (2)
  • DynaWax
  • Replacement Steel CCD
  • Butane Torch Lighter Sheath