The 9 step guide to using the Vapcap M [2019] - PuffItUp!

The 9 step guide to using the Vapcap M - PuffItUp!

How I use My VapCap M

Hey Internet! I'm Zakk, and this is how I use my Vapcap M.

We're all fanboys of the Dynavap products at PuffItUp!

Just got your first Vapcap? Let's start vaping.

Step #1: Loading the Vaporizer

First, remove the Dynavap cap. 

VapCap Remove Cap

Notice the new cutouts on the stainless steel tip.

These cut outs may increase airflow, and help scoop up your material. 

Dynavap VapCap Tip

Either scoop up your material from the grinder, or push the tip of the Vapcap into the material.

Randy shows the scooping method in the intro video at around 13 seconds.

Gently tamp the material into the chamber. 

Tamp your material

Place the cap back on the stainless steel tip. 

Vapcap Cap going on

Step #2: Flame Positioning

Flame position is one of the most important aspects when using the Vapcap M.

You can control the temperature your material is vaped at, based on where you point the lighter. 

VapCap Heat indicator

Keeping the flames between the "D" in the Dynavap logo on the cap, and the first "A" on the cap helps prevent combustion.

Heating near the "A" results in higher temperatures, and heating near the beginning of the logo has better flavor!

VapCap Low Temp High Temp

Step #3: Flame Length

Controlling the temperature that the material vaporizes at is done through two methods.

Flame positioning, and flame length.

Lighter flame length adjustment is usually done on the side, or on the bottom of the lighter. 

Vapcap front versus bottom adjustment

A 1cm flame is the way to go!

This allows for adequate heat, while also limiting the amount of butane used up per cycle! 

Vapcap Ideal Flame length

Step #4: Rotating the Vapcap M

First, tuck the mouthpiece into your palm. 

VapCap Pinky Tuck

Pinch the stippled section of the new 2019 M with your thumb and index finger. 

VapCap Stippled Grip

This allows you to spin the Vapcap in a controlled manner.

Rotating the Vapcap M is important to maintain even heating. 

Vapcap Rotation

Randy showcases this method in the intro video at the 30 second mark.

Step #5: Respect the Click

The Vapcap has a built in thermometer that tells you when it is ready to use.

Vapcap caps click once, or twice, to let you know it has heated up.

The click is created by a metal disc in the cap. 

VapCap Cap Discs

Take a couple of draws, until you hear the one, or two, cool-down clicks.

Stainless steel Vapcap tips stay hot for 20-30 seconds.

A backup disc is integrated into the cap, which is why you may hear two clicks.

VapCap Respect the Click

Respecting the click reduces your risk of accidental combustion!

An example of the clicks you will hear can be found at the 53 second mark in the intro video.

Step #6: Air-port Tips n Tricks

Holding the air-port allows the vaporizer to act as a shotgun.

Releasing the air-port sends fresh air to mix with the vapor that has built up in the condenser.

This technique is phenomenal through a water piece! 

VapCap Carb covered and uncovered

Feathering the air-port is a technique that allows for control over the vapor intensity.

Feathering is when you tap the air-port hole in a rhythmic pattern, experiment to find the speed you prefer.

It allows for a smoother, less dense hit.

The clouds are smaller, but results in less coughing 

VapCap Carb covered and uncovered

A fully open air-port hole results in the lightest vapor, perfect for anyone that tends to cough with dense vapor production.

The Omnivap series is a different story.

With the Omnivap dialing in a perfect setting allows for leaving the air-port completely open.

DynaVap Omnivap

This is because the Omnivap features an adjustable airflow mouthpiece.

After a short series of tests, it is easy to find a preferred setting. 

Omnivap threading

Step #7: Using a Water Piece

Using a water piece with the Dynavap Vapcap M is super simple.

The Fat mouthpiece comes in a single pack, or dual pack.

This fat mouthpiece fits any 14mm female water piece. 

14mm coin comparison

Another great option would be the Delta3dstudios WPA (Water Piece Adapter) 

Delta3dstudios Water Pipe Adapter

Glass on Glass WPA's work as well.

You can find them in 10-18mm or 10-14mm.

Our Davinci IQ Adapter works quite well for both! 

DaVinci IQ WPA

The recommended draw speed is slow, while covering the air-port.

Release the air-port one to two seconds before removing the Dynavap from the WPA.

This allows the condenser tube to be clear of any vapor. 

Covering carb on waterpipe

Vapcaps work well through water pieces.

Step #8: Maintenance

Maintaining your Vapcap is essential for the best flavor and performance.

Brushing out the chamber while it is still warm helps keep it clean!

Dry Qtips work well for this! 

Q-tip the chamber

91-99% ISO is often used to clean the device, dipping a Qtip in ISO allows for easy cleaning of the condenser tube!

This can often be found at your local Walmart. 

91 percent isopropyl alcohol

Sending the wet side of the Qtip through the condenser, it cleans it out perfectly.

The dry side then dries the condenser.

Dynavap recommends allowing all parts to fully dry after cleaning, before reassembly.

Q-Tip in condensor

Dirty Q-Tip

Qtips dipped in ISO clean the chamber very well, and are useful for deep cleans.

It is recommended to use them behind the screen as well, to clean the reclaim.

Do not clean the caps with ISO, use the dry Q-tip method instead! 

Don't clean Vapcap cap in iso

Step #9: Choosing a Lighter

Now that you have loaded the Vapcap, it's time to choose a lighter.

Here are 4 types of lighters:

Single Flame Lighters

These are my personal favorite lighters.

It is harder to learn than the other lighters.

Single flame torches allow the most control of the flame position, but take longest to make the Dynavap click. 

Single torch lighter

A 1cm inner flame length is perfect, and allows the user to keep the cap in the outer flame while it spins.

Our Honest single flame torch works well with the 2019 Vapcap M!

Dual Flame Lighters

Dual Flame lighters are a great mix of heat up time and flame position control.

You can control the position of the flame as well as the single flame, but it allow for faster heat up times with the additional flame. 

Dual torch lighter

A 1cm inner flame allows the user to keep the cap in the outer flame while it spins.

If the flames are two separate columns, holding the Vapcap in between the columns works best while holding the vapcap parallel to the two columns may heat faster.

Dual flame lighters are a great starting point for new Vapcap users that like to vape inside.

Triple Flame Lighters

Triple flame torches are one of the easier lighters to learn with.

They allow for a great mix between control and heat up time. 

Triple Torch Lighter

Triple flame lighters are my number one recommendation for new Vapcap owners!

We are still looking for a triple flame lighter to carry in our shop!

Please let any suggestions in the comments below with the manufacturer and model number!

Quad Flame Lighters

The lighters with four flames heat the Vapcap the fastest.

These are best suited for outside use, or on-the-go use.

Keep the Vapcap in the very tip of the outer flame with this style of lighter. 

Quad torch lighter

Randy likes to use the quad flame torch lighter, due to how fast it heats the Vapcap M.

Pure your lighter

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