VapCap M 2020 - A First Look

VapCap M 2020 - A First Look

2020 dynavap vapcap m first look

Here is everything new with the VapCap M 2020!

The Packaging First off, the new Vapcap M 2020 features brand new recyclable packaging!

Go green with Dynavap – all Vapcap M 2020 units ship in recyclable packaging to help sustain our environment! Save the animals and protect our planet!


VapCap M 2020 Recycle

The Airport  

Engineers at Dynavap went back to the drawing board when designing the airflow – redesigning everything while retaining the M feel you know and love!

The Vapcap M 2020 features new chiral airports for calibrated air injection! 

The two airports are asymmetrical, creating a “V” shape that brings a swirling, cooling sensation to the vapor inside the device. Covering one hole allows you to vary the amount of airflow pulled in by the dual airports as well!

VapCap M 2020 Chiral Airport

Adjust-A-Bowl The tip now includes a smaller screen position! If you prefer to vape smaller loads out of the Vapcap, you can now use a “adjust-a-bowl” ridge to set your screen higher up! Perfect for micro-dosing or for when you just need a quick draw – you can easily swap between the two sizes at a moment’s notice!

VapCap M 2020 Adjust A Bowl

The Captive Cap Speaking of tip changes, the new Dynavap 2020 M captive cap has locking ridges to keep it locked onto your device! These ridges gently lock into the airflow channels in the tip, preventing the cap from sliding off when not in use! Never spill your herb with the new captive cap in the 2020 M!

VapCap M 2020 Captive Cap

New Faceted Tip The new 2020M tip features a dodecahedral shape, with twelve flat faces around the tip. This new faceted tip has been updated with new airflow serrations to have more airflow than ever before, which means bigger, fatter clouds! The tip also has a brand new updated fin design for more efficient cooling, which means faster back to back draws! 

VapCap M 2020 Serrated Airflow

The New Body The device has an M inscribed on the body of it as a little touch from Dynavap. There’s other M’s hidden on the device, too – see how many you can find! Updated “caution tracks” towards the tip of the device help provide a tactile warning if your hands get close to the tip!

VapCap M 2020 Body

The Mouthpiece tapers to a 10mm to fit air-tight in a 10mm water-pipe! Perfect for taking smooth water cooled draws of vapor!

The Oring Retaining System There’s now a retaining groove inside the body of the device to help hold the mouthpiece O-ring in place! This should help keep your condenser stable, especially during assembly!

VapCap M 2020 Retaining Groove

The Mass of the Stainless Tip Every update to the M has come with a change in the mass of the tip! The mass of the 2017 was 5.24g, the mass of the 2018 was 5.43g, the 2019 was 5.26g, and the new 2020 M is a whopping 6.26g! A larger tip mass means longer heat retention and thicker vapor!

What’s next for Vapcap?

People love their VapCaps and that love has built a unique community around the brand. Smaller third party woodworkers and glass makers are creating one of a kind parts and accessories for the DynaVap lineup.  Here are some of our favorite people making accessories:

DynaTech Induction Heaters

Ed’s TNT

PhatPiggie custom stems and stands

MistVape Beaded Stems

Simerell Collection

Our 3D Airflow Stems

How to use the Vapcap M 2020

  • Load your VapCap M 2020 to the top of the chamber. Try not to overfill it.
  • Hold your torch lighter to the sides of the cap. Keep your VapCap just above the flame.
  • Roll your vaporizer around so the lighter evenly heats the cap
  • Within a few seconds you will hear one or two audible clicks. This means your vape is fully heated and ready to use.
  • Cover the Airport if you want, and draw from the mouthpiece. You may want to mess around with the airflow, as many people prefer tapping the carb hole or leaving it completely open.
  • If you’d like a more in depth tutorial, check out our How to use the Vapcap blog!

Your VapCap will stay heated for roughly 30 seconds. 1-2 clicks will indicate your vaporizer has cooled down. Now you can reheat, reload, or finish your session.

Easy enough, right? Just do what the “click” tells you and your vapor production will be nice and strong!

Want to know more?

We just updated our Product Page with new information

Our YouTube Channel has tutorials and reviews of DynaVap products

Follow us on Instagram, we live stream with VapCaps all the time 🙂

Ready to buy the 2020 VapCap M?

Click Here to have your own 2020 VapCap M!

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I like to use my Crafty in the evening, just push a button and you can take about 10-12 hits. Now for what I understand with the vapcap you load it then using a lighter you heat it up then you get 2 hits then unload and reload etc.
It just seems like a lot of trouble and maybe I could be wrong sense I don’t own a vapcap.
I guess the heater would be the answer but you still only get 2 hits. I am 81 and fairly new to the weed game but I’m enjoying myself with the Crafty or whatever is best…….Gary


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