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Boundless Vaporizers

Boundless Tech is known for producing high-quality vaporizers with extremely enjoyable performances at a fair price. The CF and CFX are heavy-duty vapes and come in a pocket-friendly form. The CFX is a better option in terms of longer battery life, while the CF offers more portability and discretion. The Tera V3 is a convection primary vaporizer and unlike the hybrid heating CF and CFX. The new V3 version features revised internals, dual removable 18650 batteries and easy swapping on the go. The Tera also works well with concentrates.

The Boundless Terp Pen V2 is the perfect concentrate pen for traveling. It’s activated with the airflow from the user’s draw, so there aren’t any buttons and a full on-demand experience. Enjoy nearly instant heat up, an easy-load design, and powerful ceramic coils for thick vapor anywhere.

The Boundless CFX, CF, and Tera all come with a limited 3-year warranty, and the Terp Pen V2 comes with a limited 1-year warranty.