Fury EDGE user guide and cleaning guide

Fury EDGE User Guide and Cleaning Guide

Fury Edge Vaporizer

The Fury Edge is a pocket-size portable powerhouse that packs a real punch! It’s perfect for anyone looking for tasty clouds of vapor on the go! Here's our user friendly guide on how to use and clean it for the best results!

Charging your Fury Edge Your Fury Edge includes a USB-C cable for charging and can be charged with any standard USB to AC adapter, like the ones included with your cell phone. The Fury Edge takes around 80-90 minutes to fully charge from empty. You’ll get anywhere from six to eight loads per charge depending on your vaping habits! We recommend charging the device for a full two hours before it’s first use to make sure it’s fully juiced up! 

Fury EDGE USB-C Charging

Do a burn off We recommend doing a burn off on all new vaporizers! Power it up with 3 clicks to the power button. Remove the mouthpiece and turn it up to max temperature (430F). Let the device sit for a full five minute cycle. This is the best way to remove any potential factory oils leftover during the manufacturing process. 

Fury EDGE auto shut off

Removing the Mouthpiece The default mouthpiece is easy to remove. Hold the device with your thumb over the screen and press against the lip of the mouthpiece, away from the body of the device. The leverage of your thumb should pop the mouthpiece right off! You can put it back on by doing the same thing in reverse. Line up the base of the mouthpiece, then push it against the side wall of the Fury Edge to lock it into place. Remove the glass accessory attachement with more care to avoid damaging the glass pieces. There are three ridges on the side of the mouthpiece - hold onto these with your thumb and forefinger and pull away from the device to remove the mouthpiece. The glass accessories themselves just slide in and out of the attachment for easy cleaning, and are held in place via an o-ring inside the attachment. 

Fury EDGE remove mouthpiece

Accessory Options The glass accessory attachment is versatile and offers multiple different ways to use your Fury Edge. This water pipe adapter - water cooling is one of the best ways to enjoy your new vape! The included glass mouthpiece tastes fantastic and feels great on the lips. You can upgrade it to a Bent Glass Mouthpiece for customizable options design. Check out the Fury EDGE Accessories Attachment for additional attachment, O-ring and Stainless Steel Screen Set. 

Fury EDGE Accessories

Pack it The Fury Edge works best with a full chamber of finely ground herbs! If you’re having trouble loading the oven, try folding a business card in half and using it to pour your herb in! You can also use a scoop tool like our Delta 3D Scoop. Tap the side of the device a few times to ease the herb into place without directly tamping the herb down. A full oven or dosing capsule works best in the Fury Edge! The dosing capsules are also a great way to keep your oven clean and to carry multiple loads on the go! 

How to pack Fury EDGE

How to use Power your Fury Edge device on with three clicks to the power button. Once it’s on, you can select your temperature with the up and down buttons on the device. You can flip the display screen by holding the power button for three seconds - choose whichever direction is comfortable for you! If you press and hold the Power and Temperature Down buttons, you can switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius temperatures. Your device should vibrate when it warms up! You can give it a draw once your device is packed and warmed up to your desired temperature! Long, deep pulls on the Fury Edge around 10 seconds long produce the best results. A slower to medium speed draw works best on the Fury Edge, as the device’s more open airflow and powerful heater work in conjunction to fully vaporize your herbs! The Fury Edge has a temperature range of 320F - 430F. We like to start off around 365F for some great flavor, while gradually working our way up to around 415F at the end of the load to polish it off. Experiment with temperatures and figure out what you like best! Lower temperatures will taste the best, while higher temperatures will start to taste a little funky and burnt towards the end. Higher temperatures will also produce bigger clouds of vapor and further extract your herbs when compared to lower temperatures. 

Fury EDGE tutorial

How to use liquid materials There’s two different techniques to use liquid materials in your Fury Edge! You can use the included liquid pad by placing it in the chamber of the device and loading a small amount of liquid material to it, the size of half a grain of rice or so. Liquid vaporize at higher temperatures than herb so I recommend turning it up to the max temp of 430F for a pure session! You can also do the “sandwich method” for liquid materials, which is our preferred method for most dry herb vaporizers! Load a small amount of herb in the oven (about a third to a half) and then add a small amount of liquid on top. Sprinkle more herb on top of that to fill the rest of the oven and you have yourself a sandwich! Liquid materials can stretch your herb chamber further and produce larger, thicker clouds of vapor - they’re an awesome addition for any vape connoisseur! 

Fury EDGE remove screen

Auto Shut-Off Timer The Fury Edge has a built-in 5 minute auto shut-off timer to preserve your battery and material. If you aren’t finished with your session, feel free to power the device back on with three clicks to keep the session going!

Emptying the Device Once your session is finished, pop off the mouthpiece and clean out your oven! I like to use the included metal poke tool to scoop the oven out, and then brush it out with the included brush. If you’re on the go, you can blow through the back of the device to empty out the oven! Brushing out your oven after every use will keep everything looking spiffy! 

Clean Fury EDGE

How to clean the Fury EDGE

Cleaning Supplies:

Cotton Swabs

Alcohol-safe container (glass works great!)

Paper Towels

91% or higher Isopropyl Alcohol

Two quarts of elbow grease 

Fury EDGE cleaning supplies

Cleaning the Fury Edge is a breeze! Pop off the mouthpiece and remove the screen assembly.

You can remove the screen from the o-ring and clean the o-ring with hot water. Clean the screen itself with some isopropyl alcohol!

Clean your plastic mouthpiece with good ol’ hot water and a little dish soap if needed. Bust off any gunk that’s stuck in the nooks and crannies with a cotton swab!

Remove the glass mouthpiece from the accessory attachment and soak in isopropyl alcohol. Any other glass accessories like the 3D airflow stem, WPA and bubbler can all be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol too!

If your Fury Edge oven is dirty, turn it up to max temperature (430F) and let it warm up. Then you can gently swab the oven with a cotton swab and a drop of isopropyl alcohol. I recommend using only a drop or two of isopropyl alcohol to prevent any dripping into the device. Perform a burnoff for one or two cycles after cleaning with alcohol.


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