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Boundless is known for offering some of the best values in the dry herb vaporizer industry. The CFX, CF and CFV offer features and performance previously limited to vapes costing twice as much or more. Today we'll be tearing down and inspecting the new Boundless CFC - their sleekest, smallest, and lowest price option to date.

CFC teardown boundless vapeCFC teardown boundless vape chamber The Boundless CFC is one of the stealthiest and most compact portable vapes available; it's so tiny it's easy to forget you've got it in your pocket. The extra wide ceramic heating chamber holds the perfect amount and the digital display is one of the best looking we've seen. CFC Teardown Boundless Vape Screen Wedge Time to start breaking this bad boy apart! After removing the mouthpiece we needed to gently pry off the side covers. CFC teardown boundless vape screen removed Beneath the side cover we find an air intake filter screen. This filter ensures nothing obtrusive can enter or block the airpath. CFC teardown boundless vape sides removed With both side covers taken off we're able to access and remove the air intake filters from both sides of the Boundless CFC. CFC teardown Boundless cfc vape empty shell Here's a look at the CFC without the side covers or intake filters. Time for the real breaking down to begin. DO NOT follow along past this point, it will void your warranty. CFC teardown Boundless CFC vape internals Half of the shell has now been removed; those circular pads over the battery are shock absorbing cushions that hold the internals firmly in place. CFC teardown Boundless CFC Vape Battery Check out that efficient use of internal space; there's hardly a centimeter of open room within the CFC. The shape and size of each component matches the chassis perfectly. CFC teardown boundless battery side The CFC features dual air intakes, one on each side of the unit. The intakes feed air directly through the heating chamber, isolating it completely from the electronics below. CFC teardown boundless cfc battery display circuit board Naked CFC time! With the entire chassis removed we get a better look at the internal layout and smaller components. CFC teardown boundless battery ceramic chamber pcb Now for the good stuff: The circuit board in the center acts as the brains of the unit, controlling all of the modules it's connected to. On the left you can see the CFC's ceramic heating chamber; the micro-usb charging module is on the right. CFC teardown boundless vape battery This is the muscle behind the CFC; an EVE 18650 battery with an 8.14Wh charge capacity. 18650s have become the most commonly used batteries for vapes due to their size vs. capacity ratio. In our experience this battery gets around an hour of run-time per charge with the CFC. CFC teardown boundless vape convection element conduction ceramic heating chamber Once we've snipped the wires connecting the heating chamber to the circuit board we're able to get a better look at the components that make up the CFC's heater. One the far left you can see the entire heating assembly, including the ceramic conduction chamber on top and the air intake section at the bottom. Directly to the right of the full heating assembly is the intake section with the ceramic chamber removed. We found something very interesting below the ceramic heater in the connection point between the dual air intakes - a spiral convection element! CFC teardown ceramic chamber convection spiral Both the tube and spiral pieces are heated from above by the conductive ceramic chamber, forming the CFC's convection element. Fresh air enters the CFC through both sides of the unit and is immediately heated while traveling around the spiral piece contained inside the tube. After being heated, the air passes through the two holes in the top of the tube, transfers directly into the ceramic loading chamber and through your material for convective goodness. CFC teardown boundless vape circuit board pcb display buttonsCFC teardown boundless vape pcb circuit board The CFC's digital display and button actuators are located on the front of the primary circuit board. The smaller circuit board controls the micro-usb input, transferring charging current and battery monitoring information to the main board. The electronic connection points located on the back of both boards look clean and sturdy which is always reassuring to see. Boundless CFC teardown shell exterior screen display cover pieces The outer shell of the CFC is made of a heat resistant thermoplastic strong enough for long term pocket carrying. The buttons are connected to minimize any wiggle in the shell and the side plates hold the air intakes in place and block any dust or debris from getting into the sides of the unit. CFC teardown Boundless vape broken down all parts isolated airpath My favorite part of these teardowns is finding awesome design features that we didn't expect. The CFC was widely believed to be a purely conduction vape but during our teardown we were pleasantly surprised to find out it's actually a mix of conduction and convection heating. The conduction element maximizes battery life while the convection element maximizes flavor and extraction efficiency. Boundless vapes are known for hybrid heating so it was fantastic to see the CFC followed that standard. We also confirmed first hand that the air path is completely isolated from the electronics, a necessity for any completely pure vaporizer.

Remember to never disassemble your vapes; tear downs aren't covered under warranty and you may not be able to reassemble it back into proper working condition.

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