Trees Grinder 2.25" 4 Part

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Trees Grinder - 2.25" 4-Piece

The new Trees Grinder is a premium 4-piece made from top quality anodized aluminum to hold up to years on the grind. Trees Grinder, get it?

The razor sharp rhombus style teeth are designed to shred and fluff your material with minimal clumping. The strong retention magnet holds the top section securely in place for a perfect rotation as your herbs are evenly ground into the screened storage section. The storage section features a stainless steel mesh screen which separates the finer pollen into the collection chamber at the base. We cover the Trees Grinder with a limited lifetime warranty so feel free to be rough, it can take it.

Key Features

  • Anodized Aluminum Build
  • Razor Sharp Rhombus Teeth
  • 4-Piece Design
  • Strong Retention Magnet
  • Sieved Storage Section
  • Pollen Collection Base
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

4-Piece Benefits

The top section of the Trees Grinder is filled with rhombus style teeth; each tooth has four cutting edges to evenly shred your herbs. When the herbs are shredded to the proper size they fall into the second chamber. As the herbs fall into the second chamber the finest pollen falls through the Stainless Steel mesh screen and into the bottom collection chamber.