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The Silver Surfer Vaporizer by 7th Floor Vapes

The Silver Surfer Vaporizer is a powerful and versatile desktop vaporizer! The Silver Surfer Vaporizer is the perfect vaporizer for anyone with a love for powerful desktop vaporizers.

The ceramic heating element is isolated from the rest of the components, and is paired with a glass-on-glass design to assist in the production of incredible flavor and super powerful draws. The angle of the heater-cover to wand connection helps to prevent any material spilling into the element and the vaping temperature is adjustable to suit your personal draw speed and the material you’ve chosen to use.

Key Features

  • Designed and Assembled in the USA from Foreign and Domestic parts
  • Top Quality Ceramic Heater
  • Custom glass knob (shape and style may vary)
  • Super Tough Aluminum Housing
  • Fully Adjustable Temperature
  • Easy Change Screen
  • Hands Free
  • Air is Separated from Electronics
  • Stay Cool Design

What’s in the bag

  • Silver Surfer Vaporizer assembled with a hand-made glass Temperature Knob and Heater Cover
  • Padded Storage Bag made of a durable hemp and polyester blend called "hempster"
  • Packet of 10 Replacement Screens for your Whip Wand
  • Glass Whip Mouthpiece
  • Hand-made glass Whip Wand with Oven
  • Stainless Steel Marble Pick Whip
  • Ceramic Flavor Disc
  • Blue Whip (Only in Black Widow Wave Rider kit)
  • Brown Bag (Only in Black Widow Wave Rider Kit)

How to Use

  • Start by turning the left knob fully clockwise to allow the Silver Surfer to warm up for about two minutes.
  • Attach your whip mouthpiece and wand to the tubing.
  • The whip can be used manually or you can attach it to the glass heater cover with the hands-free attachment for a hands-free experience.
  • Cover the wand screen with a small bit of broken up material. Do not fill the area beyond the clear glass to prevent it from falling into the unit.
  • Once the device has warmed up set your dial to a 1 or 2 o’ clock position. You may need to make adjustments based on your draw and comfort level.
  • A slower draw will produce more vapor and will require less heat and a faster draw will produce slightly less vapor and will require a bit more heat.
  • Excessive heat may lead to combustion. Be sure to read the included manual for safety recommendations and other important information.