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Elev8r Glass Vaporizer

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7th floor

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Elev8r Glass Vaporizer by 7th Floor Vapes

The Elev8r by 7th Floor Vapes is an on-demand vaporizer made almost entirely from glass for vaporizing your choice of dry material, concentrates or both.

The Elev8r has one of the most unique designs we’ve seen on the market. It’s made almost entirely out of glass for smooth, potent, and extremely flavorful vapor, and has a glass heater that is indented for better heat retention and more powerful draws. The heater is warmed up using a torch for a pure convection experience. It’s a unit that hits incredibly hard, and as with any on-demand vaporizer, you’re in control of how strong you want it to be and you can vape with confidence, knowing it’s efficient with your material. The Elev8r comes with a wand that you can use on its own, and an adapter so that you can connect to your favorite piece. With a ton of options, a top-of-the-line performance and an amazing flavor experience, you’ll absolutely want to add the Elev8r to your collection.

Key Features

  • All Glass Air Path
  • Indented Glass Heater
  • Pure Convection Vapor
  • For Use with Dry Material, Concentrates or Both
  • Easy to Take Apart for Storage
  • Included Clip Ensures a Reliable Connections and Provides a Base for the Wand On-Demand Torch Heating
  • Stand-Alone Wand
  • Included 18mm-14mm Adapter
  • Easy to Clean
  • USA Made

Easy to Use

Start by filling your wand or adapter with your material, concentrate or both. Attach your heater using the included clip and apply heat to the heater using a torch (we recommend using something pretty powerful for these) for about 30 to 60 seconds and then inhale. Shake the Elev8r to stir your load easily for a more uniform heating. For additional draws, you may not need to heat for as long depending on how much time the heater has had to cool. It may take some practice to find how much heat you need and how hard you want to draw for results that work best for you.

What's in the Box

  • Elev8r Vape Tip
  • Elev8r Vape Wand
  • Water Pipe Adapter 18mm-14mm
  • Sick Clip
  • Flavor Disc
  • Custom Pick Tool (Colors may vary)
  • Extra Screens
  • User Manual
  • Does Not Include Torch