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DynaVap BB9 Stem

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DynaVap BB9 Stem

The DynaVap BB9 stem connects perfectly with your Titanium or Stainless-Steel DynaVap Tip, and includes 9 beads, an air port, and divots in the sides to allow for better diffusion and airflow. The BB9 is tapered to fit a 14mm or 10mm connection.

How to Insert a VapCap Tip:

Apply a light dab of Dynawax to the bottom two o-rings of the tip or a drop of water if no Dynawax is available, to lubricate the o-rings. Slowly twist the the tip while inserting it into the glass stem. Only insert up to the base two o-rings, leaving the third o-ring to act as a spacer between the tip and stem. The third o-ring does NOT get inserted and can put too much pressure on the glass.

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