Collection: favorite concentrate vaporizers

Our Favorite Concentrate Vapes

This section is reserved for what we consider to be the best concentrate vapes available on our site. We take time to thoroughly test (and literally teardown) each device that we sell to ensure that it meets our quality standards and provides customers with the best vaping experience. Some of our top rated concentrate vapes include the fantastically simple Boundless Terp Pen as well as the RIO by Stache Products, both of these units provide thick and tasty vapor and are able to be used by beginner and seasoned vapers alike. We consider this collection to be the best concentrate vaporizers available and hope you feel the same about whatever device you decide to buy!

Boundless Terp Pen

The Terp Pen V2 is a super portable, easy to carry concentrate vape. It’s budget friendly and rips making it one of our favorite concentrate vaporizers.

The Stache RIO

The Stache Products RIO is one of the heaviest hitters in our line up. Cold starts provide some of the best flavor, and this truly is a rig-in-one device. With a 14mm Glass waterpipe, attached torch, provided banger and carb cap you’re ready to rip our favorite concentrate vaporizer from the time it arrives.


The Xmax QOMO is the smallest portable concentrate vape on the market. It doesn’t provide huge clouds, but makes up for it with its low cost and extreme portability.

SZCrossing CORE

The SZCrossing CORE became one of our favorite concentrate vapes from day one. With a fully isolated vapor path, and a premium build quality you can’t go wrong with this device.