VLeaF GO TearDown

VLeaF GO TearDown

vivant vleaf go teardown

Well hello again and welcome to another exciting Teardown!

We rip vaporizers apart so you don't have to. Disassembling your vaporizer will void your warranty!

Alright let's get-er-done

 vivant vleaf go

Vivant VLeaF GO Teardown

Vivant is more than a company that overuses caps. They have a full lineup of herb vaporizers costing $100 or less. Typically with budget friendly vaporizers you see less innovation in the design. Vivant is one of the very few companies making unique and conceptual designs in this price range. 

We have only added one Vivant product to our store in the past and it was removed after a few weeks.

Our skepticism is high with any vaporizer however the VLeaF GO got our attention because the on-demand function is nice and the build quality looked solid. 

If you want to know more about the vleaf go and how it works, check out our full review here.

 vivant vleaf go top piece

vivant vleaf go chamber and cap

Similar to what DynaVap did with their caps, the VLeaF has a poker tool built into the mouthpiece. Poker tools are super useful, some vaporizers store a tool inside the vape. Building it into the cap males a lot of sense because the poker will be in your hand when you need it most. 

vivant vleaf go mouthpiece parts

Here we see the mesh screen, air cooler and mouthpiece.

Convection vapor needs a chance to cool down or it can taste harsh. This airpath is a little shorter than we would like however we have been testing out a few different mods that we think might help. 

vivant vleaf go base

vivant vleaf go chamber

vivant vleaf go chamber parts

The chamber and housing is designed to be removed easily. We like this a lot. 

Below the chamber there is a silicone "scoop seal" that holds the chamber in place. This is a common area we see silicone used.

The chamber itself is made of aluminum.

Those two o-rings keep the mouthpiece in place.  

vivant vleaf go heating element

vivant vleaf go heating element

Another great removable part, the heating element. 

This piece slides out so you can clean or replace it if needed. Again, thumbs up to Vivant for making these parts easy to access. 

The shell is zirconia ceramic. 

vivant vleaf go mesh screen

The heating element is Grade 316 Stainless Steel. The wires run underneath the ceramic shell and connect to positive and negative connectors.

The wires are welded to the mesh screen. It appears to be an autogenous weld without any use of filler. 


vivant vleaf go vaporizer screw

When we start ripping vaporizers apart, we usually don't know what we are doing. The VLeaF GO has one visible screw so it seems like the right place to start. 

vivant vleaf go green part removal

This screw removed the green accent piece which is a good start however nothing else below it wants to come out. 

vivant vleaf go pressure fit cap

This bottom cap looks suspicious though....

vivant vleaf go bottom cap

Yup, the cap is pressure fitted into the shell. 

vivant vleaf go battery removal

There still doesn't seem to be a proper way to disassemble these parts so we are going to rip some stuff out. 

vivant vleaf go battery

The battery is a 3.7v, 900 mAh 16450. That is less power than we would like to see in a vaporizer however we get they are trying to make this thing as small as possible. 

There are higher capacity internal 16450's out there so vivant might be able to slightly increase the battery life in the future. 

It looks like the only place for the battery to vent is through the usb port. We might need to disassemble another VLeaF to confirm this. 

vivant vleaf go internal parts

vivant vleaf go teardown internals

vivant vleaf go chasis

This black sleeve is your chamber housing. The positive and negative connections are on the bottom and the air flows in from the side vents. 

Isolated airpaths are something we are always looking for. Not every vaporizer isolates their airpath however they all should. 

vivant vleaf go connectors

These positive and negative connectors have a ceramic plate that sits below the connectors. 

In our not-so-scientific dismantling of the VLeaF, we cracked this part with a screw driver. That's our bad not vivant. 

vivant vleaf go teardown button

vivant vleaf go housing

vivant vleaf go housing

The circuitry shell and button. That black mark is our fault. 

We noticed our beta units had a loose button however in the final production version it felt snug. Loose buttons make vaporizers feel cheap, we are glad this was addressed. 

vivant vleaf go teardown circuitry front

vivant vleaf go circuitry back

Cool looking circuitry. It is two boards sandwiched together with the button, LED lights and micro usb all within one inch of space. Vivant clearly wanted to make this vaporizer as small as possible. 

vivant vleaf go teardown final


Us vapor-enthusiasts have a habit of telling people what to think about vaporizers. 

We do these teardowns to start a conversation. For us, the VLeaF GO has met our standards for build quality. The airpath is isolated, the materials used are common and nothing stands out as a "red flag".

However, we believe an open forum is always necessary. 

If you have a question, comment, or criticism please leave us a message below.

Our goal is to provide the most accurate information possible and we can only do that with your help. 

If you happen to use Discord, join us on our server sometime and say hi.

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The VLeaf Go is a big step in the right direction. I am a well seasoned vapor enthusiast that began in 2003. I haven’t intentionally combusted in 13+ years. I personally was really impressed with the VLeaf Go mainly because of what you got for the price of admission. If you like vaping through water you are going to get a bang for your buck with the VLeaf Go. I can name some battery portables that perform less than the VLeaf Go but cost 2×-3× and even 4× the price. I am not a fan of buying China or cheap made vapes but for the price the VLeaf Go performs nice in a water rig and is fun to play with making it worth the $60-$70 price tag. Everything is interchangeable except for the battery. If the V2 was released to have replaceable battery and slightly larger bowl for under $100 Vivant could totally knock it out of the park.

The_Original_ Vapester

@Patricia I recommend a slow, steady, deep inhale with the Vleaf Go for the best results! A fine grind helps as well.

@Nat A dry and fluffy pack of finely ground herbs works great on the Vleaf Go! =)

Alex (PIU)

Some vapes you gotta be sure it’s dry and not packed too tightly. Haven’t tried this one but I have experienced that on the Fury Edge and the Vapcap.


Not seeing much smoke on exhale. Pulling for all I’m worth. You can barely see smoke. On highest setting. Am I doing something wrong?? Lol


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