Vivant VLeaf GO Review.

Vivant VLeaf GO Review.

Vivant VLeaf GO Review

The Vivant VLeaF GO

The VLeaF GO is an on-demand convection vaporizer that packs a punch. Designed for micro-dosing, the chamber holds about .04 grams and can be fully extracted in roughly three draws.

Lots of on-demand vaporizers need to "heat soak" before using. This is one of the few vaporizers that is actually ready to use as soon as you press the button!

We spent the last month testing out this vaporizer and talking to other VLeaF GO users on our Twitch stream! Here is what we have learned:


Vivant VLeaF GO


  • Surprisingly affordable. 
  • Powerful vapor production
  • Small enough that you won't notice it in your pocket
  • Mouthpiece works well with water-pipes (14mm and 18mm!)
  • Built in chamber cleaning tool 
  • Easy to load chamber
  • Idiot-proof single button use
  • Solid build quality


  • Battery life
  • Top screen can come out if you don't fill the chamber properly
  • Dry draws directly off the device can be harsh if you're not careful 

How To use your VLeaF GO

  • Loosely load the chamber full of herb. Do not over-fill, this will cause the flower to extract unevenly.
  • Press the power button 5 times to turn it on or off
  • Adjust the temperature by pressing the button twice ( green = low, yellow = medium, red = high )
  • Press and hold the button to take an on demand draw
  • For session mode, press the button three times. This will keep the VLeaF GO on for 30 seconds



On demand lineup

Smaller than expected

Only 5.5 inches tall and .75 inches wide, and weighing in at 2.25 ounces, the VLeaF GO is a pocket-friendly portable!

That's small! The closest comparison in weight and function would be the Grasshopper which is 5.5 inches tall, .55 inches wide and weighs 2.35 ounces. 

vivant vleaf go battery charge time

Battery Life

The internal 900 mAh battery gets you about 3-6 loads per charge with about 3 draws per load.

Charge time via Micro USB is about 60-70 minutes. 

This vape is great for solo micro-dosing. However if you want longer sessions for yourself or groups of people, the battery life will probably not be enough. 


Vivant vleaf go parts

Build Quality

Overall the build quality of the VLeaF GO is pretty solid. The air-path is fully isolated and materials appear to be properly used.  

You can easily disassemble the chamber and the parts below for cleaning which we like. Hopefully more vaporizers start doing this. 

We have not had any issues with our vaporizers however it is good to know if the heating element does have a problem it can easily be replaced. 

Would you like to see our full tear-down of the VLeaF GO? Click HERE so you can see the build quality inside and out!


Vapor Production

Dry draws - If you try to draw directly from your VLeaF without water filtration or extending the airpath, the vapor is going to come out hot and harsh. We suggest taking slower draws to avoid this. With proper self control, the vapor comes out better than we would expect from such a small vaporizer. 

Water Filtration - The VLeaF GO excels with a water piece. Both flavor quality and cloud production. No complaints here. 


vivant vleaf go cleaning


From time to time you might need to fully disassemble the chamber for cleaning.

For regular cleaning it doesn't take much effort. For us, 2-3 cotton swabs and a drop or two of isopropyl alcohol is all it takes. Swabbing the chamber and the mouthpiece takes little time and will have everything looking as good as new!


Vivant vleaf go unboxing

What's in the box

Every VLeaF GO includes the following:

  • VLeaF GO Vaporizer (obviously)
  • Silicone mouthpiece cover
  • Loading tool
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Micro USB Cable
  • Replacement Air Cooler
  • Extra Screen attachment
  • 2 o-rings for the "scoop"
  • 1 o-ring for the chamber
  • Scoop seal
  • Replacement Chamber
  • User Manual

Making a Good On-Demand Convection Vaporizer

On-Demand (ready to use as soon as you hit the power button)

Convection (hot air flows through your chamber instead of the chamber getting hot like conduction)

Both these terms have become buzzwords in our industry. Who doesn't want a vaporizer that tastes great and produces instant vapor?

Here's the problem, both of these create design challenges. The most common issues tend to be with the battery and the overall longevity of the vaporizer.

Batteries - Both on-demand and convection are energy hogs compared to standard conduction. 

Longevity - The added stress of a vaporizer constantly getting hot and cooling down tends to degrade heating elements and circuitry. 

Vivant is an interesting company that doesn't seem to shy away from design challenges. The VLeaf GO is not their only on-demand vaporizer however it is the first one we are excited to carry in our shop. 

Vivant VLeaF GO

Final thoughts

This is an awesome vaporizer for Sneak-a-tokes. If you are looking for something to use all day long or with a group of friends, then this might not be the vaporizer for you. However, if you are looking for a few ultra-discreet draws throughout the day, this is a solid option!

We are comfortable with this vaporizer and it's build quality which is why we are adding it to our store. However with all new items we sell, it takes some time before we can collect enough feedback to fully form an opinion. 

So, what do you think about the VLeaF GO? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


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I bought the vleaf go 2 weeks ago and im not used to it yet but i do like it so far. I dont seem to get really stoned from it. I use it for anxiety and help me sleep and it doesnt help me sleep yet. But when i used it on session mode to warm it first the whole thing got really hot not sure if thats a problem

Lynn Chamberlain

I recently bought a V-leaf go, butafter only a week, I have to rapidly tap the heat button to get anything usable out of it. I’m assuming this means the heating element is spent, but is there someone who can confirm?

Dylan S Rediker

@Nori Seki If you double tap the button it should change the temperature light, indicating which temp you have selected. =)

Alex (PIU)

I got this Vleaf Go and enjoying it. Seems like I am not getting what it is supposed to do. I can’t get green light or Red light. Just orange light to make it work.
Heating element problem?

Nori Seki

Yea i have to agree that this is a great device. And its probably the best battery powered portable on demand vape under $200

Sour Dream

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