Storz & Bickel Mighty User Guide

Storz & Bickel Mighty User Guide

Mighty user guide

Hey Everyone! Andy here from Puff It Up. This time we are going over the Mighty from Storz and Bickel. Amazingly easy to use, powerful, and super reliable, the Mighty is a portable powerhouse.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: What is the Mighty?
Chapter 2: How to use your Mighty
Chapter 3: Getting the perfect draw
Chapter 4: Cleaning the Mighty Vaporizer
Chapter 5: Troubleshooting error codes
Chapter 6: Pros and Cons of the Mighty
Chapter 7: What makes and awesome Home-Portable?
Chapter 8: What's in the box?

What is the Mighty vaporizer

What Is The Mighty

The Mighty is a Hybrid style vaporizer that primarily uses convection to provide flavorful and fluffy clouds.  Storz and Bickel has an excellent reputation within the industry coming from the success of the Volcano Vaporizer.
Its PEEK construction  ensures you are getting a clean vapor delivered to your body, free from any manufacturing residue or debris.
It's very easy to draw through, and the patented cooling unit does its job well. It works like a champion natively, or through water. While some people may be able to fit it in their pocket, most will find its a bit bulky to carry around. 

How to use your mighty vaporizer

How To Use

The S&B Mighty is very simple to set up and start using out of the box. Your device will come charged, but I recommend charging the battery before use. Once this is done, go ahead and fill your oven. Dosing capsules are also available to help keep your oven clean. The capsules are also great for pre-loading for the road.
Got your vaporizer loaded? Right on. You can attach your cooling unit now. Twist the cooling unit into your vaporizer gently and make sure it is secured before powering on your device.
Let's power up our S&B Mighty using the orange power button on the side. The unit will buzz to let you know it is on, and the LED screen will display a temperature. You can adjust the temperature with the plus and minus buttons. Holding down the + and - temp buttons together will allow you to alternate between Fahrenheit and Celsius. 
The Haptic Feedback will also let you know when your unit has arrived at its set temperature. Go ahead and give it a draw! If you happen to take a little cat-nap afterwards, don't worry! Your device will auto-shutdown after 2 minutes at the set temperature, and this timer can be reset by simply pressing the power button.
Don't Forget; You can use boost mode by double tapping the power button which  is set to 410F.

mighty dosing capsule

Perfect Draws

Milking your Mighty for the best draw possible is quite simple. We like to use a dense filling of the best herb we can find. Dosing capsules are great but they limit the capacity of the oven.

We have found between 385-410 is the prime range for the flavor and vapor production. I like to let my herb sit in the hot chamber for a few minutes as well once it gets to temperature.
Vaping through water is king, and the Mighty does not let us down when you throw a whip on the mouthpiece. The Mighty WPA is one of the best Mighty accessories; and we also carry other Mighty accessories. It requires a ⅛ turn to be secured and should not be forced onto the device. Pair it with our Dew Drop rig and puff the magic dragon will descend from the heavens himself to applaud your vapor production.
It's always easiest to empty and clean your Mighty when the chamber is hot, so after 4 to 5 draws dump your ABV out. At this point refill your device or power-off your device and swab your oven with a Qtip. 

Perfect Draws

350-365 °F

Flavortown, great battery life, minimal vapor. 

375-390 °F

Best of both worlds, quality battery life, good vapor production.

390-410 °F

Still excellent flavor, shorter battery life, greater vapor production.

 how to clean your mighty

Cleaning Guide

Keeping your Mighty clean is quick and easy. All one will need are Q-tips, isopropyl alcohol, and a glass container  to soak some of your Mighty pieces in.

Lets start by soaking our cooling unit. First you will want to unlock your cooling unit by sliding the small plastic plate towards the mouthpiece. Pinch the logo-plate, and lift gently to remove it as this piece cannot be soaked in ISO. 
Take apart your cooling unit and remove the two blue O-rings as we do not want these to be soaked in iso either. Don't forget to remove the  third O-ring on the mouthpiece as well. Now drop your cooling unit and mouthpiece into some ISO and let them soak for 10 minutes. Once this is done you can remove all pieces, wipe them down, and let them air dry. 
For the oven, we recommend running one heat cycle prior to swabbing your device. This process helps soften the residue within the oven so you can clean it more effectively. A Sap Swab is an excellent little tool for this job. Always hold your vaporizer upside down when swabbing the oven, and make sure the unit is powered off. 
The included cleaning brush is great for removing Herb from the hard to reach places on your Mighty. You will find small bits of herb and other particles can build up in the rim around the oven, and within the body of the device.
Once your Cooling Unit and Oven are properly cleaned, run a couple of burn-offs at max temperature to ensure any remaining Isopropyl is taken care of. Re-assemble and refill and treat yourself for properly maintaining  your Mighty! 

Mighty troubleshooting guide

Troubleshooting Guide

The Mighty is a reliable vaporizer that is backed by a two year warranty through Storz and Bickle. 

If your Mighty is displaying one of the following errors, there is a simple solution for each one.
Troubleshooting Guideline

ERR 001

Your Battery temperature is too high, your Mighty needs to cool down before it can safely be turned on and used

ERR 002

Your Battery temperature is too low, your vaporizer needs to be brought to room temperature before it can be safely turned on and used.

ERR 003

The power adapter you are using is not compatible. Please use an original Storz and Bickel adapter or the 12 Volt Storz and Bickel Car charger.

ERR 004

The Vaporizer is faulty and needs to be serviced by the manufacturer. In this case, power off your device immediately and get in touch with Puff It Up or Storz and Bickel directly.

mighty vaporizer pros and cons Pros

  • Hefty battery life which provides a solid 6-8 sessions
  • Portable, but also competes with desktop vaporizers and can be secured with the stand.
  • Amazing through water, especially with cooling unit attached
  • Storz and Bickel quality, backed by their 2 year warranty which can be serviced in the US
  • Patented cooling unit provides some of the coolest and smoothest vapor around.


  • Slightly too bulky for some pockets, easier to be put into a bag or case
  • Price-point is not entry level
  • Requires charging through DC power, charging on the go without the Car Charger can be tricky.
  • Only a 2 minute session timer, we would like this to be adjustable
  • Inability to turn-off the haptic feedback 

    what makes an amazing home portable?

    What Makes An Amazing Home-Portable

    Storz and Bickel really knocked it out of the park with the Mighty. It is a fully portable Vaporizer that can easily compete with most other desktop vaporizers. The Mighty Vaporizer Stand is an excellent accessory that allows for upright and stable function of the Mighty while on your desk. 

    The hybrid heating-style is one reason the Mighty performs at the level it does. We find these combination-style vaporizers often provide the best overall experience when it comes to a portable unit.

    The patented cooling unit on the device is another feature that puts the Mighty ahead of the pack as well. Imitated, but not recreated, the cooling unit does a remarkable job at cooling your vapor while you are on the go. I personally use a whip connected directly to the cooling unit as well when vaping through water. It provides an even smoother draw :)

    What's included with the mighty

    What's In The Box

    Mighty Vaporizer
    Wall Charger
    Liquid Pad
    3x Screens
    Cleaning Brush
    Herb Mill (Grinder)
    Filling Aid
    Dosing Capsule
    Seal Rings
    Instruction Manual
    2 Year Limited Warranty

    Final Thoughts

    The Mighty is the way to go if you are looking for a top-tier portable vaporizer, or want to upgrade to the best portable. You will not be disappointed, and can trust that Storz and Bickle has your back if you experience any issues. It goes without saying that this is one of the most popular vaporizers on the market, as well as in our shop. However, if you are looking for a more compact and comparable vaporizer, checkout the Crafty Plus.  

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