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Sap Swabs Review

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Hey hey everybody, Alex from PuffItUp here to talk about our new Sap Swabs. You may be having a hard time finding isopropyl alcohol right now due to the pandemic. If you're anything like me, you’ve got a stack of dirty vaporizers waiting for a bath. Luckily, we just received these new Sap Swabs - cotton swabs filled with 80% isopropyl alcohol, perfect for cleaning up all your vapes.

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To activate the Sap Swab, simply hold it with the blue lined tip upwards, then crack it on the blue line. The alcohol will rush down to saturate the q-tip in less than a second.

When using them with a quartz banger or bucket atomizer, I like to use the blue lined end to first qtip up the puddle of residue, then crack it and use the alcohol-soaked side to give your bucket a good scrub. The alcohol will help bust off any stubborn stains or residue from the bucket.

sap swabs cleaning quartz banger

The Sap Swabs are perfect for cleaning your quartz bangers and e-rigs. Once you take a draw, allow your banger or bucket atomizer to cool down for a few seconds - you don’t want to go in too hot or the alcohol will boil off quickly.

You can also use the Sap Swabs to clean your dry herb vaporizers. I find cleaning herb vapes to be the easiest after a session to warm everything up and loosen residue. You can then use the Sap Swabs to clean the chamber, mouthpiece, and vapor path of the vaporizer as needed. Be sure to allow your oven to cool first, as hot ovens can melt the plastic stems of the swabs.

cleaning mighty with sap swabs

You can use a dry cotton swab to finish, let the alcohol air dry, or heat your bucket, atomizer, or vaporizer without drawing to burn off any residual alcohol.

Be careful to not rest the plastic stems on any hot surfaces. Allow your quartz, atomizers, and vaporizers to cool before cleaning. Be sure to allow residual alcohol to evaporate before using your vaporizer.

You can purchase packs of Sap Swabs right here. They come 24 to a pack, and we sell them in single packs or boxes of nine packs. We’ll also be throwing them in for free with various vaporizers to get feedback on them - as of this writing, the Crafty+, the Herborizer, the Core, the RIO, and the QOMO are all including Sap Swabs as an additional freebie with purchase.

If you receive a pack, let us know your thoughts, we love to hear what you think! Your feedback is very much appreciated here at PIU and we take all of your comments to heart.

What are you going to clean first with the new Sap Swabs? I’m going to give my Mighty a scrub ASAP!

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Just purchased my first ever Mighty, and I can’t wait to use these Sap Swabs! Thanks for including in my purchase or I may have never heard of these. Love you PuffItUp!


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