Our Sneak Preview of the Focus Adventurer

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Get ready for an Adventure! Focus is preparing to release their new Adventurer pocket portable and it's one of the most clever designs we've ever seen.

The original Focus and Focus Pro are great vapes, giving us high expectations of the Adventurer from the start. The first thing we noticed about the Focus Adventurer is the form: it's a truly pocket portable vaporizer with a compact and slim shape, making it convenient to take anywhere. The most unique feature of the Focus Adventurer is the integrated bubbler mouthpiece. The bubbler mouthpiece slides into place for quick and easy water filtration, providing incredibly smooth and cool vapor without a bulky bubbler or traditional water pipe.

Focus vape vaporizer

When you're ready to pocket the Adventurer you can seal the bubbler mouthpiece and store it within the unit; another impressive feature we've never seen before. Focus vape vaporizer 18650 battery The Adventurer is powered by a removable and replaceable 18650 battery, which is rare and incredibly useful. Many vapes use 18650 batteries but most are fixed inside the unit; with the Focus Adventurer you can switch out your battery with a fully charged extra at a moment's notice. The Adventurer also charges quickly and conveniently using a standard Micro-USB connection. Focus vape vaporizer digital display The Focus Adventurer offers a wide temperature range from 176°F - 464°F; access to a large temperature spectrum allows you to target specific temperatures for flavor or desired effect. The Adventurer's temperature is controlled digitally through a simple three button interface and displayed along with battery info through a crisp and clear OLED screen. The Adventurer heats quickly and vibrates to notify you when it has reached the set temperature; a heat-up gauge circles the displayed temperature as it rises, offering unique visual feedback. Focus vape adventurer side chamber The Focus Adventurer features a large ceramic heating chamber located at the base of the unit. We found the chamber size to be a big benefit; you can pack enough for a few people without reloading constantly, yet it still works well with small amounts. Ceramic heating chambers are known for providing pure flavor and the Adventurer's air path is completely isolated from the electronics so all you taste is your material. focus-vape-adventurer-bottom-chamber-cover Another cool addition to the Adventurer design is the magnetic chamber lid; you can access the heating chamber and seal it back off within a couple seconds, no fumbling with threading or connector pieces that can wear down over time. Focus vape adventurer mouthpiece 2 A more standard glass mouthpiece is also included with the Focus Adventurer. In our experience both the bubbler and standard glass mouthpiece styles provide great, pure flavor and it's awesome having both options out of the box with no additional accessories. Focus vape adventurer accessories Other accessories included were a standard Micro-USB charging cord, a heavy-duty loading / unloading tool and a basket screen for the heating chamber.

We're hoping to have the Focus Adventurer available in October - keep an eye on our blog for any updates!


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