Odin Vaporizer tear down. See the Odin vape inside and out

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My Odin vaporizer has been an every day driver for a few months now. Still fully functional and working like a champ..... Let's break it!

The Odin Vaporizer

odin vaporizer teardown slide lids removed First we have to get rid of these slide lids to expose the screws. There are two screws on top and another two on the bottom. odin vaporizer tear down top bottom Once the screws are removed the top and bottom pieces come off easily. odin vaporizer teardown vaporizer shell

The Shell

The shell reminded us of a computer case. It's one solid piece of aluminum with a front and back cover. Aluminum is known for providing durability without adding much weight and it also conducts heat away from the internals. odin vaporizer chasis

The Chassis

An all-in-one design protected by external housing is common for modern portable vaporizers. From a repair standpoint these types of chassis are easy to work on. odin vaporizer tear down chassis back battery On the back we see the 18650 battery and the sexy looking convection element. The loading chamber is above the element while the storage port and air intake are directly below, meaning the air path is completely isolated. Isolating the air path from all electronics should be an industry standard, unfortunately it is not. Kudos to the Odin Vaporizer for respecting clean vapor. odin vaporizer tear down chamber removal The wires connecting the circuitry to the chamber seem to be longer than needed. I'm guessing this is necessary for the assembly process. Top and bottom silicone insulators hold the chamber in place, keeping it snug and adding some shock protection. Odin vaporizer tear down disassembled More or less destroyed at this point: RIP my Odin Vaporizer. odin vaporizer tear down 18650 lg battery The Odin is powered by a high-output 18650 battery made by LG. Great to see they used a trusted name brand. The battery is held in place with a small amount of solder. This would be an easy battery to replace if needed, which is a plus. odin vaporizer screen battery teardown The circuit board is held in place with 2 screws. The three button actuators and the housing holding them on the board are metal instead of cheaper and more commonly used plastic. The buttons look a lot sturdier than necessary; definitely a good thing. The secondary battery is there to store settings in the memory, a feature that seems to be rising in popularity. You would know if this battery were to fail because your vape would not be able to store preset temperatures. These backup batteries use such a small amount of energy that they almost never fail. odin vaporizer chamber assembly odin vaporizer chamber ceramic

The Conduction chamber

Looks like a modified version of the commonly used ceramic chamber. Not everyone is a fan of common parts, however, knowing the Odin Vaporizer is using a heating chamber that has been time tested is comforting to us. This vape has been heavily used for over 2 months, which is why the air holes are slightly stained brown. There was no blockage or loose herbs below the chamber when it was disassembled. odin vaporizer convection heating element


The convection element is a clever design comprised of two sections that get super hot when in use. The sections are modular and threaded together. The spiral path gets extremely hot and transfers heat to the air going through the chamber, producing convective vapor. This is another part that could be pulled out and cleaned by someone that knows what they're doing. The spiral stair is similar to the Boundless Vapes.

Final thoughts

Just as important as what's inside your vaporizer is what isn't inside it. The Odin vaporizer has no glues or adhesives in or around the air path. This vape should only be disassembled if you know what you are doing. That said, we were happy to see how simple this vape is to take apart. This would be a very easy vape to repair or maintain. The internals are well made, nothing looked or felt cheap. A common issue for vapes is the button breaking with excessive use; the Odin uses stronger than average internal buttons to avoid that problem. Overall, we're happy with what we see. This is a small vaporizer that has a lot of power, which is great, but we also want to know our vaporizers will last a long time. From what we can tell, the Odin is not cutting any corners.

We rip apart vaporizers for several reasons. The main purpose of these posts is to educate our customers and give them an idea of what we look for in a good vape.

Feedback is always welcome. If you have any suggestions that might help us do a better job or if there is a specific vape you would like to see ripped apart please comment below.


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