The Lift Innovations Grinder Review - PuffItUp!

The Lift Innovations Grinder Review - PuffItUp!

Lift Grinder Review

The Lift grinder slices, dices, and makes your dry herbs vaporizer ready with buttery smooth turns. Of COARSE you need one, eh!

Lift Innovations, a Canadian company from the land of maple syrup, hockey and sneaky vapists, has developed a grinder that doesn't so much grind your herb as slices it. Honeycomb looking sifting discs are paired with a spinning blade, similar in appearance to a lawnmower or yard taming device. The sliced herb passes down into the collection chamber above a screened off pollen collection chamber at the bottom of the grinder. The sections of the grinder come apart with a quarter turn, putting less stress on wrists for those with difficulty in opening standard grinders.

The key differences between this and other grinders are the smooth operation of the grinder when processing your herbs due to the unique stainless steel blade, and the solid feeling of the Lift's significant heft, with the four-piece weighing in at 3oo grams. You definitely know when the Lift grinder is in your pocket. The trade-off comes in the form of chunky metal with grippy notches machined into the top and bottom sections, making the already easy operation even less effort.


How does it work?

Lift Innovation Grinder Topless

With the top of the Lift opened, there are three areas for herb and post in the center for the top to rotate on. Closed up, the top can be twisted with the grips along the outside, causing the blade within to slice through your herbs. In action, it feels as though the blade is cutting with much less effort than a standard tooth-based grinder. The herb comes out fluffy in the Lift grinder, rather than crushed or smashed, with very little if any material refusing to slice and fall into the collection chamber on the first grind. Stickier material wasn't available at the times of testing, but the blade in the Lift seems to slice regardless of how sticky the icky may be.

Options, Options, Options

Lift Innovation Grinder Blade

The Lift is available in a complete set, a four piece and a three piece. The version that makes the most sense for you depends entirely on whether you prefer to separate your pollen from the rest of your material or keep it with your processed herb. When making a selection, you may also consider the importance of customizing your sifting disc. The complete Lift grinder set is the most customizable as it comes with a fine (.14" holes), medium (.18" holes) and coarse (.25" holes) sifting disc along with a pollen collection chamber that also accepts three screen sizes. The pollen chamber is also removable, allowing for a more portable form factor. The four-piece Lift comes with the medium sifting disc, which has .18" diameter holes, and a removable pollen chamber with a smooth anodized coating and heavily rounded bottom for easy cleaning. The three-piece Lift comes with the same .18" medium sifting disc as the four-piece, but it keeps your material at full potency due the lack of a pollen chamber and smaller footprint.

Yeah, but do you need a Lift grinder?

Lift Innovation Grinder

The Lift's unique blade combined with incredibly easy operation and quarter-turn opening sections definitely lend it a leg up for those with wrist strength or joint pain issues. The sifting disc and pollen screen chamber (and chamber itself) options make finding your personal grind preference a matter of swapping plates or removing a section. All of these features along with the easy to clean anodized surfaces of the Lift make it a worthy addition to any enthusiasts arsenal, eh!

Key Features:

  • Revolutionary Stainless Steel Blades
  • Three Sifting Discs Included
  • Three Mesh Screens Included
  • Removable Pollen Screen Chamber
  • Quarter-Turn Threading for Easy Access
  • Easy to Clean Nonstick Anodized Surfaces
  • 6061-T6 Aluminum & Stainless Steel Construction
  • 2.25" Height
  • 2.5" Diameter
  • Manufactured in Canada

You can jump over to the store to grab a Lift Grinder of your own!

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