Flowermate V5 Nano Teardown and Preview

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The Flowermate V5 Nano is nearing release and we're previewing it in PuffItUp style with a full teardown!

WARNING: Do not attempt this vape teardown, any disassembly other than the mouthpiece will void your warranty.


flowermate v5 nano teardown

The Flowermate V5 Nano (Last Moments)

Here we have the Flowermate V5 Nano looking sleek and confident in its final hour. We only received two of these units so this is a difficult loss - luckily our twin Nano will help get us through these trying times. 

nano battery port

Battery and Mouthpiece Compartments

The V5 Nano is the first Flowermate with a removable battery. It also keeps the V5 tradition of an integrated mouthpiece compartment in the base of the unit. The base door is held in place by a sliding lock mechanism for easy access to both the battery and clear black glass mouthpiece.
Flowermate 18650 battery

Flowermate V5 Nano Battery

The Flowermate V5 Nano battery is a flat top IMR 18650 battery with a 2500 mAh capacity and 20 amp maximum continuous output. A higher max output generally means a lower max capacity but the cell Flowermate chose is right in the sweet spot for both. The Nano hits vaping temp in half a minute and we get about 40-50 minutes per charge depending on temperature settings; relatively normal for single cell hybrid vapes. A full charge from completely empty will take about two and a half hours.

Reminder: Do NOT follow along past this point. Disassembly is not covered under warranty. 

nano battery port

Battery Port Disassembly

The negative connection plate appears to be brass and is held in place using two screws. The smaller brass piece and spring comprise the battery door lock mechanism. 
nano screw removal

Chassis Screws

Two thicker screws between the mouthpiece and battery compartments. With these bad boys out the chassis is nearly ready to remove. 
nano slide lid removal

Top Plate Removal

The slide door plate is held between the inner and outer sections of the unit; now that the two portions aren't tightly fitted together we can take it out. With the top plate removed we can access the faceplate of the V5 Nano.

nano display cover removal

The Final Piece

The faceplate is the last thing keeping us from separating the internal electronics enclosure from the protective aluminum exterior.

nano display removal nano screen cover and buttons

V5 Nano Face-Off

The Nano's faceplate is held in place by 12 tabs. We shimmied each tab loose then removed the plate and two button covers beneath.

nano shell removal

FM V5 Nano De-Shelled

Now for the good stuff - with the base screws and faceplate out of the way we can slide out the electronics enclosure.

nano shell

Thick Aluminum Chassis

The Nano's shell is made of nice thick aluminum to hold up to daily pocket carrying. The total dimensions of the casing are only 3.5" tall, 1.75" wide and 0.75" thick, making it one of the most compact hybrid vaporizers.

nano open chasis

Guts and Glory

The FM Nano's internals - the primary circuit board is connected with 4 screws. Most of the other goodies are still sealed in the enclosure.

nano screw removal shell

Removing the Electronics

With the four retainer screws out of our way we can almost pull out the motherboard. It's still stuck by the 3 different types of connecting wires. We'll resist the urge to chop the wires... for now.

nano open chasis

Chassis Separation

After pulling the enclosure apart we get out first view at the airpath and heater. This new heating assembly looks much taller and beefier than the elements we saw in our Flowermate V5.0S Teardown and Mini Pro Teardown. The airpath is on the bottom right; when fully assembled it sits right below the heater.

nano steam airpath spring

Isolated Airpath and Spring Loaded Mouthpiece

We haven't seen this before: the airpath tube is part of a spring loading mechanism for the mouthpiece. When you open the base door of the Nano this section pushes the mouthpiece out a little bit so you can remove it without the battery falling out. The picture on the left displays the airpath with the mouthpiece in place, the picture on the right is a close up of the airpath / spring mechanism.

The FM V5 Nano's airpath is completely isolated from the battery and electronics. Air enters through the metal tube above the mouthpiece compartment and is tunneled directly into the heater above - perfect.

nano circuitry

V5 Nano Connections

With the enclosure taken apart the brain of the FM Nano is finally free. The silver ring connected to the black wire pairs with the brass plate in the battery chamber to form the negative connection. The brass piece connected to the red wire is the positive connection point. Four thinner clear wires connect the heating assembly to the motherboard.

Nano circuitrynano circuit board back

V5 Nano Circuitry

The V5 Nano's OLED screen, metal button actuators and Micro-USB connection are all on the front side of the primary circuit board. On the back of the board you can see some additional resistors, capacitors and transistors along with the wires that once connected to the heating assembly and battery poles.

nano black ceramic chamber

Nano Chamber Assembly

Here is the Nano's loading chamber disassembled. The metal spiral on the left sits below the chamber in the middle. The chamber itself consists of a black ceramic cylinder wrapped with a conductive element and then wrapped in thermal tape to maximize heat retention. The metal piece on the right is the threaded mouthpiece connection above the loading chamber.

nano heating chamber hybrid

Nano Hybrid Heating Elements

A closer look at the Nano's heating system. The metal spiral on the left is the convection element; it sits below the black ceramic chamber and heats the air traveling through the loading chamber. The piece on the right is the electrothermal pad that provides conduction heat through the black ceramic chamber.
nano black cermic chamber

Black Ceramic Heating Chamber

A look into the Nano's unique black ceramic loading chamber. The electrothermal heating element wraps around the black ceramic and metal spiral below, resulting in an efficient mix of conduction and convection heating for thick vapor and uniform extraction.

Closing Thoughts

It's fantastic seeing Flowermate breaking new ground and trying different things with their portables. The V5 Nano is the best looking and feeling Flowermate vaporizer to date and the hybrid heating outclasses the pure conduction heating of their previous V5 models both in vapor production and flavor. A removable 18650 battery is something we've been asking Flowermate to implement into their designs for years and we're amped to finally see it happen. We're not sure if the black ceramic chamber is a functional improvement over the previous white ceramic but it looks great and matches the aesthetic of the unit perfectly.

Any questions or feedback about our Flowermate V5 Nano Teardown? Please let us know in the comments section.

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