FlowerMate Mini Pro Teardown

FlowerMate Mini Pro Teardown

flowermate mini pro teardown tear down puffitup

FlowerMate Mini Pro Teardown

 Flowermate mini pro portable vaporizer teardown

FlowerMate Mini Pro Tear Down

No surprise the new FlowerMate Mini Pro has been extremely popular since its release earlier this year. The overall design is fantastic, the Mini Pro is smaller than the PAX but with a longer battery life and digital display. We received a lot of questions about the internals, specifically the battery. So, for the sake of science, it’s time to take apart a Mini Pro 😀


Disassembling the Mini Pro

Not too long ago we took apart the FlowerMate Mini which is pretty much the same thing without the display. To get this vape apart you first pop off the two slide lids, then remove the top two screws. Pull the chases out from the bottom and boom, disassembled Mini Pro.

Flowermate mini pro portable vaporizer teardown smiss v50s

The Mini Pro uses one 18650 battery. FlowerMate usually uses LG or Samsung batteries because they are reliable. The battery is wielded into place so these are not easily replaced. The battery is soft wrapped which is smaller than a normal 18650 you would buy in a store, so any 18650 you buy in a store will not fit.

Like all Flowermate Mini’s. The ceramic heating chamber is directly above the storage port which completely isolates the air path from the components. Silicone insulates the chamber which retains that important battery life.

Flowermate mini pro portable vaporizer teardown smiss v50s

The internals are surprisingly similar to the Mini. The display looks similar to the mini except with more buttons and a small display. The display is pixelated but still very crisp. Keeping it simple like always.


There you have it, the Mini Pro taken apart. We hope these posts are useful, leave us a comment if there are any specific vaporizers you would like to see torn apart. Also, if you are looking to buy a FlowerMate vaporizer, check out our current Sales!

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