DaVinci MIQRO Vaporizer Review - Palm Sized Power

DaVinci MIQRO Vaporizer Review - Palm Sized Power

On April Fool's 2016 we introduced the DaVinci Mini, joking that the DaVinci IQ2 couldn't be made any smaller. Da Vinci took our joke as a challenge and the DaVinci MIQRO was born!

DaVinci IQ and DaVinci Miqro side by side comparison

Portability & Form

The DV MIQRO is completely palm concealable and easily one of the most discreet vapes we've carried. At 3.5 ounces and 3 inches tall the MIQRO falls into the "ultra-portable" category. Ultra portable vapes fit nearly any size pocket and disappear in your hand during use. The subtle 15 LED grid display looks great and provides all the info you need.

The MIQRO's body is made out of tough anodized aluminum with a brushed finish to minimize fingerprints. The airpath, mouthpiece and base are made of pure Zirconium for the strength of metal and flavor purity of glass. The mouthpiece and loading chamber doors both seal magnetically just like the IQ2.

Miqro Chamber

Heating Style & Chamber

The MIQRO heats your material with a ceramic conduction chamber on the opposite side of your mouthpiece. The extra distance between the heater and your lungs makes a big difference for cooling with a vape this small. A wide temperature range of 300-430F is accessible with a heat up time of only about 40-50 seconds. The 4 pre-set "Smart Path" temperatures raise about 20°F throughout the session to keep vapor pouring out thick. Single digit temperature control is also available for more precision and boost mode kicks you straight to maximum heat for the most dense clouds.

Da Vinci paid a lot of attention to evenly heating your material. The MIQRO's ceramic conduction chamber holds between 0.1 - 0.2g and is wider than most we've seen. The upgraded chamber pearl spreads heat throughout and easily adjusts to control loading capacity. The chamber tool hidden beside the removable airpath is perfect for mid session stirring.

Miqro Dual

Vapor Quality & Draw Resistance

Vapor thickness and flavor are where the MIQRO's uniform heating really pay off. Taste is delicious even at higher temps; very impressive for a pure conduction vape. Two different mouthpiece styles are included: one low-profile and one extended. Low-profile is the choice for maximum flavor and discretion while the extended mouthpiece cools vapor a bit more and attaches to 10mm female connections. With a full chamber of loosely filled, finely ground material the draw resistance is low. If you load too much or too tightly airflow will suffer. 
Miqro and Battery

Battery & Charging

The MIQRO is powered by a single 18350 Li-Ion battery with an 1100 mAh charge capacity and 10A max output. 18350 batteries are half the size of an 18650 with about half the maximum capacity and output. The 18350 Da Vinci included is pretty much the best available and gets up to 30 minutes of run time per charge. Charging through Micro-USB is fast and convenient; I keep a portable USB power bank in my backpack to top the MIQRO off between sessions. You can also use the MIQRO while charging (passthrough) as long as 10% or more charge remains to keep it going.


Airpath & Internals

The MIQRO's airpath is a perfect 10/10 and possibly the best we've ever seen. An enclosed zirconium tube travels from the chamber to the mouthpiece and can easily be removed using the chamber tool embedded beside it. Vapor travels directly from the ceramic heating chamber up the zirconium airpath and out through your mouthpiece. We haven't done a full teardown of the MIQRO (yet) but it's visibly clear the airpath is fully isolated from the electronics.

DaVinci Miqro

Ease of Use & Maintenance

The MIQRO is activated with the standard 5 button presses. Once activated the unit vibrates and you get a look at the battery gauge. You can select between the 4 preset Smart Path temperatures with the up and down buttons. Press the power button once and then up or down for precision single digit control. Holding the power button while activated enters boost mode; quickly raising to the max temp.

Da Vinci deserves a thank you for angling the MIQRO's loading chamber inward to catch material. The tapered chamber acts like a funnel, making filling much cleaner and easier. Clean up only takes a minute or two by removing the airpath and mouthpiece. Alcohol wipes and pipe cleaners are good to use but our favorite cleaning solution is always 91%+ isopropyl alcohol and cotton swabs.

Miqro standard and explorer's edition comparison

Accessories & Warranty

The DV MIQRO is available in two different kits: Standard and Explorer. The standard kit includes the vape, flat and extended mouthpieces, cleaning supplies, a keychain with extra chamber tool, extra pearl connector and a Micro-USB charging cable. The Explorer's kit adds a second battery, MIQRO Glove, Soft Carrying Case, XL Carrying Can and a grinder coin. The MIQRO Glove is a heat ventilated silicone skin that adds extra grip and protection. The XL carrying can holds both your extra battery and extra material for easy loading on the go. The DaVinci MIQRO is protected against defects by a 5 year warranty that covers the unit but not the battery or accessories. 
Miqro size comparison

Comparable Options

The Fury 2 by Healthy Rips may be the most popular ultra-portable vaporizer right now. The Fury 2 heats through both conduction and convection but the battery cannot be swapped like the MIQRO's. If you love the style of the MIQRO but need more battery life take a look at the DaVinci IQC. At 3.6 inches, the IQ is a little bit larger, but the 18650 battery gets over an hour of run time. The Arizer Solo 2 has a full digital display and up to 3 hours of use per charge battery.

Miqro purple snow

Final Thoughts

We're thrilled that our DaVinci Mini idea was brought to life. The MIQRO is among the smallest vaporizers available that can still hit like the bigger guys. A palm vaporizer with top notch build quality, clean flavor and satisfying clouds is always something to be excited about, especially under $150. We noticed two negatives with the MIQRO and both are trade-offs of being so compact. The tiny 18350 battery is limited to about half an hour of use per charge though it can easily be swapped. The aluminum body conducts heat away from the internals, getting pretty warm after the second or third cycle in a row. Electronics are delicate and in a space this small the shell acting as a heatsink is more of a benefit than a downside. Ultra compact vapes gained a lot of popularity this year and the MIQRO is one of the best examples yet.

Check out our MIQRO listing HERE to grab one of your own. 

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