Da Vinci IQ Teardown

Da Vinci IQ Teardown

davinci iq teardown
There's a lot to like about the Da Vinci IQ. It's a super small vaporizer with a sexy look and solid vapor production. One of my favorite features is the replaceable battery. You don't see that in a lot of vapes this small. The size makes this a very easy vape to travel with. We have had a lot of fun times together, however we have a job to do. Sorry little guy, It's time for your Teardown.
WARNING! We take apart vaporizers so you don't have to. The steps below completely destroy your Da Vinci IQ and no warranty ever covers purposely destroying a product.
davinci iq battery chamber removal

First things first

Let's get those replaceable parts out of the way. The IQ has a Panasonic 3500, 3.7 v 18650 battery. There are a lot of 18650's to choose from and Da Vinci picked one of the best. On the higher settings you get about 40 minutes per charge. The poker tool is stainless steel with a small point that fits in the chamber holes; a really convenient feature we'd like to see more often in vape designs. The Flavor Chamber is your airpath for the Da Vinci IQ. The wider tank gives your vapor a chance to cool down before you draw. "Harsh Vapor" is usually harsh because the vapor doesn't have enough time to cool down. The Flavor Chamber is a big reason the IQ has better quality vapor than some other mini vapes.

davinci iq top removal 

Taking the Da Vinci IQ apart

We start most Teardowns with no clue what we are doing. Originally I thought the IQ would open up from the bottom, wrong I was. In the flavor chamber port there is a small gap between the chassis and the top cover. Looks Like a good place to start.

davinci iq battery port lid 

Da Vinci IQ top door removal

Yup, the top cover led us to screws that remove the top hinge.

davinci iq top removal 

More screws on the battery cover

With such a small vape you can expect some interesting engineering. The battery cover needed to be partially removed in order for the IQ to slide out from the bottom of the aluminum shell or else it will get stuck. 3 screws hold the cover in place and two tiny lil springs internally keep the latch in place.

davinci iq chasis removal

 Sliding it out

Pushing from the top, the internal chassis slid out from the bottom pretty easily. 
davinci iq metal shell
See, told you so. That yellow stuff is Kapton, a high heat resistant tape. (shout out to /u/VapeStudies for the info). The three buttons are connected and about as thin as the aluminum shell.

davinci iq teardown chasis 

The Chassis

Da Vinci did a great job isolating the airpath. All the circuitry is on the outside of the chassis and the battery is isolated in its own port. 
davinci iq hinge pin
Kind of interesting, the hinge pins for the battery door are part of the circuit boards. Haven't seen that before. 
davinci iq haptic vibration sensor
The haptic vibration sensor is in the center of the front, right behind the LED display.

davinci iq circuit board 

The Circuit Boards

The boards themselves are extremely thin. They don't feel cheaply made, just extremely thin. Size is always a consideration when making a vape this small. That sexy LED display looks a lot different now. On the side panel you see the three internal buttons. Some vaporizer internal buttons are plastic and some are metal like these. They almost always look the same, however, from our experience the metal buttons last can last a lot longer than the plastic. The third panel is the micro USB port.

davinci iq ceramic chamber removal 

Removing the Bottom cover

Two screws on the bottom of the chassis and out you go. The chamber cover is angled so all your herbs fall into your chamber. Ease of use is an important factor when picking a vaporizer. Da Vinci clearly understands this.

davinci iq chamber 

The IQ Chamber

The Da Vinci IQ ceramic chamber is something we have seen before in previous teardowns. This ceramic chamber concept has been around for a while. It's reliable and efficient. There is more insulation around the outside of the chamber than we were expecting. Like all ceramic chambers, there is a silicone cushion above and below the chamber. This adds a nice air tight seal and shock protection if you ever drop your vape. The top cushion also connects to the flavor chamber. Don't forget to clear this area when detailing your vape. Use rubbing alcohol and q tips to clean out this area so you don't get that "dirty vapor" flavor.


The End

There you have it folks. Da Vinci did a great job with this design. The parts are super compact and fit like a glove. The airpath is properly isolated and easy to clean. Every part to this vaporizer is unique except the chamber. Just like the ceramic chamber, the slide-out-chassis is a concept that you see in a lot of vaporizers because it has proven reliable in the past.

A big thanks to the Da Vinci team. It has been a pleasure working with you and we are excited to continue doing so for a long time.

If you like our Teardowns be sure to let us know in the comment section below. If you don't like our teardowns be sure to let us know in the comment section below. Either way we appreciate the feedback.

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    1 comment

    This article is great! Thank you so much. I had to disassemble my unit and perform some reparations and I was able to do it non-destructional thanks all these nice pictures.

    My battery contact on the bottom, right above the spring snapped off due to long age of the device and repeated stress put on the contact. Bad design by davinci really… I was able to solder on a different contact (just two thick, folded wires, soldered together) and it works great. I also pried up the whole bottom golden plate, so that it creates a little springy action going on.

    I have two comments: You do not have to disassemble the top battery hatch to slide the device out, however it does help for first time disassembly when the device is sitting in there super snug, which leads me into my comment two.

    I had real (super) hard time sliding the device out, here is how I did it. I took the big metal davinci chamber that follows with the device. Placing it on top, with the tip upward, I held the whole thing firmly in my hand and used hammer to bang on the top of the chamber. Medium force, not too much, just enough for the device to slide out a tiny bit. Then I used various sizes of flat screwdrivers to pull it out from the bottom hinge. Applying force to separate bottom hinge from the outer shell. Turned out one of the heat tapes inside got wrinkled and created resistance.

    All and all, my device is now working and I will not have to buy a new one, thank you so much.



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