PuffItUp Team Ins and Outs

PuffItUp Team Ins and Outs

The PIU team got together to talk about their ins and outs for 2024. We’re excited to share that we will be setting trends all year! Or maybe we won’t, either way, we think this list is pretty awesome. What are your ins and outs for the new year?


  • Puff, Puff Passing
  • Dry (Herb) January
  • The portability and convenience of an Uncrustable 
  • The Groove CARA
  • Thought-provoking Reddit responses
  • PuffItUp Mystery Bundles
  • Pineapple on pizza


  • Hogging the herb!
  • Sleeping with the TV on
  • PB&Js for lunch (have them for breakfast instead)
  • Generic 510 batteries from the corner store
  • Lying on the internet for fun (authenticity all 2024!)
  • Not buying all of your sesh accessories on PIU
  • Hating the player (hate the game!)


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