PuffItUp 2024 Predictions

PuffItUp 2024 Predictions

Puffitup 2024 predictions

We certainly aren’t fortune tellers, but we do have a crystal ball in our office that our co-worker bought at the local Renaissance fair. We decided with a little bit of herb, a lot of ambition, and some free time, we could get this thing to work… here are the visions we saw for 2024…

More Mystery…

And by that, we mean MYSTERY BUNDLES. A new addition to the PIU site in 2023, Mystery Bundles have everything you could ever want in them: sick products, great pricing, and a whole lot of mystery. Take a look at our current offerings and get ready because there’s a whole more coming in 2024….

Double the Dope Product

We launched a ton of new products on our site this year ranging from easy-to-use one-hitters up to state-of-the-art desktop vaporizers. At PuffItUp, we pride ourselves on having new, interesting, and innovative products and we know for 2024 (because we saw it in our office crystal ball) that we’ll be adding even more sick products to our catalog. Run through some of the products we onboarded last year—

Incredible Input from Our PIU Friends

We love hearing from you guys! Reading your feedback on products, shipping, and customer service, helps make the PIU team stronger, and sexier. We encourage you to try your products and then write a review telling us how it is, and how we did. We look forward to seeing all of your kind and endearing words in 2024 (please don’t be mean to us).

To write a review, go to PuffItUp.com, select the product you wish to review, scroll down towards the bottom of the page and speak the words on your lips…then drench yourself in words unspoken and live your life with arms wide open…….

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