How to Throw a Herb Friendly Holiday Party

How to Throw a Herb Friendly Holiday Party

Embrace the spirit of the season with a twist by hosting an herb-friendly holiday party that elevates your festivities to new heights

What’s up Puff It Up Fam? The holidays are rolling in, and what better way to spread the cheer than hosting a lit herb-friendly gathering? Buckle up for a ride and let’s dive into how you can make your holiday bash the talk of the town.

1. Set the Vibes:

First things first - set the vibes. Deck the halls with funky lights, trippy decor, and maybe even a few cannabis-themed ornaments. Make it clear from the start that this isn’t your grandma’s holiday party. 

2. Craft the Menu:

Let’s talk about the menu. People have different preferences when it comes to consumption. Some may prefer to smoke or vape their dry herb, while others prefer to cook with it. Ensure you have a variety of consumption options available so everyone can choose a method that aligns with their comfort level. 

3. Encourage Responsible Consumption:

Set clear expectations regarding responsible consumption. Remind guests to be mindful of their limits and to respect the space and boundaries of others. Encourage guests to use designated drivers or ride-sharing services to ensure everyone gets home safely.

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4. Groovy Entertainment:

What’s a lit party without dope entertainment? Board games, card games, or even a chill movie marathon - tailor your entertainment to the vibe. Create a playlist with tunes that resonate with the time of year and maybe throw in a few songs dedicated to Mary Jane.

As you gear up for a herb-friendly gathering, remember that the key to success lies in thoughtful planning and consideration for your guests. By creating a comfortable and inclusive environment and offering a variety of consumption methods, you’re bound to host a celebration that will be talked about for seasons to come. 

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