Halloween Villains and Their Pieces

Halloween Villains and Their Pieces


Things are getting spooky, and creepy out here, which can only mean one thing…Halloween is upon us. And what is Halloween without the slashers, thrashers, murderers, and candy?

It made us think....

What Smoking Piece would each Villain Have?

Character 1: Samara from The Ring

Paired Piece: Eyce Mini Beaker
Eyce Mini Beaker Black
Reasons Why: Poor Samara, constantly soaking wet and spending her days at the bottoms of a well. Who can blame a girl for haunting mortals when there’s all of eternity to sit through? Because of her lifestyle, we think the Eyce Mini Beaker (especially, Creature Green) would suit her. As she continues to get pushed back down into that well, tumbling tens of feet, we know her piece will remain perfectly intact. Imagine a soaking wet demon coming out of your TV, but they’re holding an unbreakable Eyce Mini Beaker…a lot less scary now, in fact, she’s kind of dope now (TV with a portal to another dimension not included with the purchase of any Eyce products).

Character 2: Jigsaw from SAW

Paired Piece: DaVinci IQ2
DaVinci IQ2
Reasons Why: Jigsaw, the mastermind behind those gut-wrenching SAW traps clearly loves puzzles and intricate contraptions. With his hobbies in mind, the DaVinci IQ2, designed for use with dry material and concentrates, comes with various parts and pieces, fitting right in with Jigsaw. Want to emulate Jigsaw and his Jigsawness, simply use the device without reading the user manual (we do not suggest this, don’t be like Jigsaw, please read the user manual).

Character 3: Leatherface

Paired Piece: Higher Standards Spoon Pipe
Higher Standards Heavy Duty Spoon Pipe
Reasons Why:  Like his namesake, Leatherface enjoys the finer things in life. Higher Standards was crafted with those kinds of people (those who like the finer things, not the Leatherface stuff) in mind.  HS is a collection of handcrafted heavy-duty glass, premium care and maintenance products, and limited edition collaborations all created for the true connoisseur, and those who put flavor first. If you want to elevate your lifestyle, just like Leatherface, Higher Standards has got you covered.

Character 4: Pennywise

Paired Piece: Groove Ripster
Groove Ripster Electric Grinder Included Items
Actual Reasons Why: Pennywise, the shape-shifting clown with a penchant for terrorizing children, might appreciate the Groove Ripster for entirely different reasons. This grinder is versatile, suitable for all shapes and sizes – bulk chop, or finely mill anything from coffee beans to herbs, to spices. Double-check all sewer drains upon completion.


This Halloween season, let your imagination run wild as you consider the unconventional accessories that some of the spookiest villains might use. From unbreakable beakers to intricate contraptions, these pairings add a playful twist to the spooky festivities. Happy Halloween ghouls, and goblins.


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