Giving Back During Thanksgiving

Giving Back During Thanksgiving

As Thanksgiving approaches, many of us reflect on the things we're grateful for and consider ways to give back to our communities. While Thanksgiving has traditionally been associated with gatherings, gratitude, and feasting, it's also a perfect time to reflect on the importance of supporting industry-related non-profits. These organizations play a crucial role in shaping the future of the industry and ensuring its benefits reach all members of society.

The Growth

Over the past decade, the consumption industry has experienced exponential growth. With more states legalizing both medical and recreational plant use, the industry's economic impact has been substantial, creating jobs and fostering new communities. 

Why Support Non-Profits?

Promote Social Equity: Non-profits are at the forefront of promoting social equity within the industry. By supporting these organizations, you contribute to creating a more inclusive and diverse plant-loving community.

Foster Research and Education: Donating to industry non-profits helps fund crucial research and educational initiatives. This can lead to a better understanding of the plant, its effects, and its potential benefits, ensuring safe and responsible consumption.

Improve Access to Medical Licenses: Your support can help reduce barriers to accessing medical licenses,  making it more affordable and available to patients who depend on it for their well-being.

Organizations You Can Support

Last Prisoner Project: The Last Prisoner Project was founded in 2019 out of the belief that no one should remain incarcerated or suffer the collateral consequences of offenses that are now legal. The dedicated LPP team works tirelessly to achieve the goal of freeing the tens of thousands of individuals still unjustly imprisoned and creating front-end systemic reform to our criminal legal system.

Americans for Safe Access: Americans for Safe Access, based in Washington, D.C., is a member-based organization working to ensure safe and legal access to medicinal plants for therapeutic uses and research


This Thanksgiving, as we gather with loved ones to express gratitude, let's also extend our appreciation for the industry and the organizations working tirelessly to ensure its benefits are accessible to all. By supporting non-profits, we can contribute to a more equitable, informed, and responsible industry. Remember that giving back isn't just a seasonal activity; it's an ongoing commitment to positive change!

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