A Smokers Guide to Thanksgiving Gratitude

A Smokers Guide to Thanksgiving Gratitude

Thanksgiving season is upon us once again. It’s a time when families and friends gather to express their gratitude for all they have in their lives. Gather around with your favorite piece and herb as we reflect on what we are grateful for this season-


    • The changing legal landscape is an obvious cause for celebration. Whether you live in a state where recreational or medicinal use is legal, we have all witnessed the positive shifts in legalization and the increasing acceptance and accessibility of our favorite dry herb.

Innovative Consumption Methods

    • For years, there seemed to be two options, glass or paper. Now, thanks to innovation in the industry, we can enjoy a plethora of creative and convenient consumption methods. From vaporizers, like the EYCE PV1, to e-rigs (Shoutout Dr. Dabber)  and of course the reimagining of the classic GB with the Stündenglass Gravity Hookah, these alternatives offer new and exciting ways to experience the plant's benefits.

Creativity and Inspiration

    • Our favorite dry herb has a reputation for unlocking creativity and inspiring artists, writers, and musicians. Smokers can be thankful for the muse that often accompanies their experiences. Helping us express ourselves and explore our creative potential.

The Ritual

    • For most, the act of preparing and consuming is a cherished ritual. Whether it's rolling a J, cleaning your piece, or choosing between flower or concentrate, these actions bring a deep connection to the herb and to those you surround yourself with as you spark up. There’s nothing like a good smoke sesh with your closest friends. 


    • Now comes the infamous “munchies.” For some they crave a familiar warm bowl of mac and cheese, for others it could be a late night stop at their favorite fast food. With Thanksgiving being synonymous with indulgent feasting, the holiday is the perfect excuse to appreciate and savor a wide range of delicious dishes. 

The Community

      • Smokers, as a collective, often have a strong sense of community and camaraderie. Whether we are passing the J, attending events and conferences, or connecting with each other on social media. The sense of belonging in the community is a cherished aspect of the lifestyle.

    As we gather around the table this Thanksgiving (or before during your pre-dinner sesh), it’s essential to remember that gratitude comes in many forms.Pass the turkey, share some stories, and give thanks for what the culture brings to our lives.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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