Why We Love Space Case Herb Grinders

Posted by Alex on

A big part of what we do here at PuffItUp is look for the best products to sell. 5 years ago we discovered the Space Case Grinders. Since then we have considered hundreds of different brands of grinders, many claim to be the best. Some grinders are good, some are great, but no grinder compares to the Space Case Brand.
Almost all grinders are made overseas, Space Case is one of the very few that is made in the USA. The actual quality is hard to describe with pictures, the parts fit seamlessly, the teeth are thick and insanely sharp, and did we mention they are Made in the USA?
Simply put, we love Space Case. We are so sure you will love Space Case too that we offer a Lifetime Warranty and a promise that if you try one of our Space Case Grinders and don't agree that it is the best Grinder ever made, send it back for a Full Refund! We are the only retailer to offer a Lifetime Warranty for a grinder, we have no problem doing that because we know Space Case only makes the best products.
If all those reasons above are not enough to convince you that the Space Case grinders are the best, we are also happy to give you 15% off any Space Case produce with discount code "SpaceCase"


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