Which Vaporizer Smells The Least?

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which vaporizer smells the least?

Which Vaporizer Smells the Least? It's a Common Question....

Sometimes you need to vaporize discreetly. The big question is: How much does a vaporizer smell and which vaporizer smells the least? There are multiple answers to this question, depending on the vaporizer category:

Combustion Pens

Simply put, combustion pens are not vaporizers. They are commonly sold as vaporizers, however, they are strictly smoking tools. These "vaporizers" smell just like any other smoking method. Combustion pens tend to get very dirty, so on top of the smoke it produces, the pen itself will start to stink just like a water pipe would. We all know that smell; it isn't discreet.


True Vaporizers:

True vaporizers are vaporizers that do not combust at all; the perfect example of this is the Arizer Air. Pure Vapor has a light and fresh herb smell. Yes, you can smell true vapor, however, the smell does not linger like smoking does. We all know that "smoker's smell" where your hands, clothes and everything in your house stinks; this does not happen with true vaporizers. Some vaporizers produce more vapor than others. A table top vaporizer with a large chamber such as the Extreme Q will produce much more vapor, which will smell more at first, but it will still quickly disappear within a small amount of time just like the smaller portable vaporizers. Dry herb vaporizers do smell if they get too dirty. With proper cleaning (q-tips and rubbing alcohol) on a regular basis, it shouldn't be an issue.


Concentrate Pens:

Concentrate pens like the Ghost Pen Vaporizer have very little smell and are hard to identify. This would be the most discreet option if you are on the go or in public. These pens are usually very small, which is another advantage if you are on the go and don't want to carry a larger portable vaporizer with you. As always, vape responsibly.


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