Vivant Alternate - Firmware Updates Made Easy

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The Vivant Alternate is one of the few herb vapes available with software that can be updated at home. Being able to update the Alternate's firmware allows Vivant to add additional features at any time. The current firmware version is 1.02, which introduces the ability to raise the auto-shutoff time up to 5 minutes - a widely requested feature. Vivant did an awesome job designing the update process, it's incredibly easy and only takes a moment. The newest firmware update is available for both Windows and Mac directly from Vivant's website here.

Vivant Alternate firmware update shutoff timer heat up improved review Once you've downloaded the newest firmware from Vivant's website simply open the folder titled Alternate_V1.02 (or newer) and choose the UpdateVivant application. You should then see a screen similar to the one on the left - plug your Vivant Alternate into your computer and it should be recognized immediately by the updater. Vivant Alternate firmware update shutoff timer heat up improved reddit review Once your Alternate is plugged in and detected by the updating program select the Update button which brings up an option to open your firmware file. The firmware file will appear as a .bin located in the same folder as the updater. Once you select the new .bin firmware file the update jumps into action and completes nearly instantly. Vivant Alternate firmware update shutoff timer heat up improved reddit fuckcombustion fc review Voila! Your Vivant Alternate is now loaded with the newest firmware and you can adjust your auto-off timer by holding the + and power buttons simultaneously. Once the timer selection menu appears use the + and - buttons to choose your preferred auto-shutoff time and press the power button again to lock in your selection.

We've heard from Vivant that more upgrades are being planned for release in the near future so keep an eye on their update page for newer versions. Also keep an eye on our Reddit, Instagram, and Blog pages for upcoming contests, guides, sales, tear downs and loads of other vape related goodness!


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