Vaporizing Herbs, Spearmint Leaf Is Back!

Posted by Alex on

We Love our customers, and we always enjoy giving that little something extra to surprise and delight them. It was a tradition for the first few years in our business that every Vaporizer came with a free Organic Herb Sample. Organic herbs are relaxing and always made our customers happy, unfortunately a large company disagreed and we were forced to take any mention of herbs off our website. That company is Google.
Thats right.... Google contacted us and stated if we did not remove mentions of Spearmint Herbs from our website they would no longer allow us full use of their search engine. We had no choice, without Google we could be out of business in a matter of weeks.
Well too bad, were doing it anyways. Starting again today every Vaporizer comes with a free sample of organic herbs! This months herb is going to be Spearmint Leaf, which is known for its relaxing properties and anti-inflammatory capabilities.
As always, we care about customers first and will continue to do those little extra things to thank you.


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