The very new BloodWood and Granadillo Stems are classy as F**k.

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Theres no question about it, Ed's TNT is one of the most talented wood workers in the industry. Their constant improvement of their own products sets a standard for all of us. Recently we became the exclusive distributor of their Blood Wood Stems. Blood Wood is an extremely dense hardwood that originates from South America. The stems themselves are made right here in the USA. The stems are dark brown when you are inside, but when you hold your stem under light or out in the sun, a surprisingly beautiful red grain appears. The most recent production of the Blood Wood and Granadillo Stems utilized a new finishing method on the metal chambers ensuring they are perfectly flush with the wood.
The Granadillo Stems are a beautiful dark brown with the occasional swirl. Granadillo wood originates from Guatemala. The wood is commonly used by Gibson in their high end line of guitars.
These stems are in such high demand that we expect to sell out within the next week. Don't miss your chance to pick up a one of a kind stem
For more info about the Granadillo Stems, click HERE
For more info about the Blood Wood Stems, click HERE


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