The Granadillo Stems are Back!!!

Posted by Alex on

Ohhhh yea we are happy to finally get the Granadillo stems back in stock. Designed and made in USA by Ed's TNT, the Granadillo stems are designed to give the Arizer Solo as much air flow as possible. The wood mouthpiece is designed to be used on its own, or with just about any 14mm water pipe.
Granadillo wood is so strong that it is commonly used on Claranets and Guitars. Gibson just recently started using Granadillo for their high end Guitars. The dark wood grain really makes this Solo Stem stand out from the other "High Efficiency Stems"
Check out the Granadillo Stems Here. If you plan on buying a solo you can get both the Solo Package and the Stem for $180 with discount code "TNT" Last time we sold out in less than a week, very few of these stems are made each year so don't miss your chance to get one!


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