The FlowerMate V5.0S Vaporizer Review

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We are very excited to get our hands on the new FlowerMate V5.0S. This is the first version of the FlowerMate that has multiple temperature settings. This small vape packs two Samsung batteries that get you 2.5-3 hours of use. The ceramic chamber is designed to keep warm which makes for more efficient battery use.
Speaking of the ceramic chamber, this one has a built in LED light so you can always take a good look at your herbs. This is a feature we have not seen on a portable vaporizer before and it is extremely useful, especially when you are on the go. Notice the herbs in this picture, there is no combustion at all with the FlowerMate, only pure vapor. The FlowerMate has 3 settings: Blue: 385F Purple: 400F Red: 415F All three settings provide nice vapor clouds some of the best we have seen on a vape this small
The battery life and vapor is similar to the Arizer Solo, however the FlowerMate is slightly smaller and wider. The flat design makes this vape a lot easier to travel with, it fits naturally in your pocket. The PAX Vaporizer has one 2600 mAh Battery, the FlowerMate has Two Samsung 2600 mAh batteries. This along with the heat-saving ceramic chamber gives the FlowerMate more than twice the battery life. More power = more fun :)
The Pyrex Glass Stem has a cyclone design that helps cool down the vapor. There is an air condenser screen inside that slow downs your air flow, which creates denser vapor. Some people are not a fan of restricted air flow. Several vaporizers use this method of condensing, the purpose of this is to make denser vapor. When you use the FM, inhale like you were sucking through a straw at first. This will get you very nice clouds, the same size you would expect to see from the Solo or Ascent Vaporizer. Other Stems are available in our store, including the Silicone cyclone stems, and the Custom Gong stems from Ed's tnt.
On the bottom of the FlowerMate, there is a storage port for your Pyrex Stem, keeping it safe while on the go. There is a slide cover on the top and bottom of the vaporizer, one to store your stem and one to keep your herbs safe when not in use.
The side button controls the FlowerMate. 5 initial presses turns your vaporizer on, you can hold the button down to switch between color temperatures. The heating auto shuts off in 10 minutes, to turn the vape back on simply hold the button down for 3 seconds Heat up time is under a minute. Compared to other battery vaporizers, this is on the faster side of start time. The overall experience with the FlowerMate is amazing, one of the best we have seen in a long time. The battery life is great, the vapor is nice and thick, and the overall operation of the FlowerMate is awesome. There are a lot of vaporizers in this category of vaporizer, most of them are in the $250 price range. The FlowerMate is available in our store for a fraction of that price. If you are looking to pick up a new Portable battery vaporizer, the FlowerMate is definitely worth looking at.
Make sure you buy your FlowerMate from an authorized seller. Like all vaporizers, there are plenty of counterfeits out there. On the side of the FlowerMate box, there is a serial number that you can use to verify its authenticity. If you have any questions about the FlowerMate or any other product please don't hesitate to ask, our customer service is available 24 hours via Phone, Live Chat and Email. Check out our Contact Page for more info. Did we mention the FlowerMate is on Sale? Get your New FlowerMate V5.0S for only $84.99 with code FM


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