The FlowerMate v5.0sx and v5.0sx Mini: Another Sneak Peek

Posted by Alex on

Here is a first look at the upcoming FlowerMate X series vaporizers: The new V5.0sX and V5.0sX Mini are in the very beginning of the design stage and already show a lot of promise. Not many details of these models are available yet, but this is how the FlowerMate X's currently operate: Press the button 5 times to turn it on. The lights will turn on, indicating the battery life. Hold down the button for 2 seconds to adjust between temperatures. Wait for the vape to heat up and enjoy :-D flowermate v5sx minix side by side vaporizerflowermate v5s X vaporizer portableflowermate v5s miniflowermate v5s xflowermate v5s mini x portable vaporizer


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