The FlowerMate V3 Air Vaporizer Breakdown

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flowermate v3 air tear down

The FlowerMate V3 Air Vaporizer Breakdown

FlowerMate v3

The New Flowermate V3 Air Vaporizer just arrived and it has everyone talking. We like to know what a vaporizer is made out of, so we ripped one apart to get a better look. The FlowerMate is not meant to be disassembled; we had to cut this one open and destroy the unit in the process. It was a lot of fun.

Obvious Disclaimer: Dismantling your vaporizer will void the warranty. The Flowermate v3 is not an easy vaporizer to open and we do not recommend doing this.


flowermate v3 air tear down

The Shell

The stamped aluminum shell was fitted into place. Each part fit like a glove and would not come apart on their own. We cut slits to relieve the tension so we could get this thing apart. The bottom cap and top shell are aluminum. The hand base and the top cap appear to be solid copper. Each piece fit so flush we first thought this was one single piece.

flowermate v3 air tear down


Convection Airflow System

FlowerMate V3 introduces the new “Convection Airflow System.”

The battery connects to an electrical pad functioning as the FlowerMate’s heating element. The element is insulated and connected to the spiral piece which gets hot. The Top of the spiral connects to the shell’s air holes. Air is spun from the top of the Spiral to the bottom, heating the air along the way. This is a new method that we have not seen in previous vapes. Utilizing both sides of the heating pad improves the vapor production a lot. The Ceramic chamber is not much different than the FlowerMate v5, however, there is much more visible vapor.


flowermate v3 air tear down

The Battery

Looks like we have an 18500 (PE18500) 1300 mAh 3.7v  High-Drain battery made by LG. 18500 is a standard battery size for vaporizers. The manufacturer of the FlowerMate (Smiss) usually uses LG or Samsung batteries because of their reliability.


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