The FlowerMate AURA Torn Apart :-D

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flowermate aura tear down puffitup

The FlowerMate AURA Torn Apart :-D

The Aura

Flowermate has been hard at work making new and improved vaporizers. Recently, FlowerMate updated the v5 lineup to increase the airflow and improve vapor production. FlowerMate continues to roll out high quality, low cost vaporizers. Their most recent invention is the FlowerMate Aura. The Aura is a small portable with surprisingly good vapor production and long battery life.

Enough small talk; Let’s open one up, shall we?

flowermate aura tear down puffitup


Opening it up

To open up this vaporizer we had to destroy it. Do not do this to your vape. There is no warranty if you pry your vape open. The AURA opens from the bottom, similar to the v3 AIR. The internal pieces were snapped to the inside of the shell; we had to pry them out with pliers, breaking a few pieces along the way.


flowermate aura tear down puffitup

The Shell

The outer shell is a high temperature, rubberized resin. The bottom piece is rubberized metal. The circular spacer sits between the battery and the heating chamber, making a barrier between the electronics and airflow. The three small red pieces are buttons; you know what buttons do.


flowermate aura tear down puffitup

Power Source

The FlowerMate Aura has surprisingly good battery life; we get about 25 cycles at 5 minutes each. The Aura has one 18650 LG battery. 18650 batteries are also used in the v5s, v5 Pro, Arizer Air, Haze, X-Max and a bazillion other brands.


flowermate aura tear down puffitup


The display is unique to the Aura and is connected to the rest of the vaporizer’s circuitry. The overall design is very simple and efficient.

flowermate aura tear down puffitup


Heating Element

The conductive heating element wraps around the ceramic chamber. The ceramic glass chamber is used in several of Flowermate’s vapes. Ceramic glass is one of the better elements for retaining heat. The outside of the chamber is packed with insulation, which also helps maintain the heat. Heat retention is important because it helps preserve battery life and deliver thicker, fuller draws; it also keeps the vape from becoming too hot in your hand.


We hope this breakdown of the FlowerMate AURA has been useful. If you are interested in seeing other vapes torn apart, let us know in the comment box below. The best prices for the Flowermate vaporizers are available HERE


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