The Core Ultimate Review - Full Guide

The Core Review - User Guide

the core ultimate vape review full guide puffitup

Hey everybody! I’m Alex from PuffItUp, and I’m excited to tell you all about the Core vaporizer. The Core is the newest e-rig to hit our shelves, and I’m here to show you why it’s perfect for every occasion.

Questions about how to use your new Core? New to e-rigs? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.


Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: What is the Core?
Chapter 2: How to use your new Core E-rig
Chapter 3: Getting the perfect draw
Chapter 4: Cleaning the Core Vaporizer
Chapter 5: Troubleshooting Error Codes
Chapter 6: Pros and Cons of the Core
Chapter 7: What makes and awesome E-Rig?
Chapter 8: What's in the box?

    sz crossing the core

    What is the Core?

    The Core is the latest and greatest concentrate vaporizer from Shenzhen Crossing, the same manufacturer as the Saionara atomizer.

    E-rigs are the most recent craze in the vaporizer world. They’re concentrate vapes with a built in water pipe, designed to simulate a glass rig and quartz banger.

    With deep buckets, bubble cap compatibility, and a fully isolated vapor path, the Core is the closest vape to a rig and nail experience. The Core provides thick, tasty vapor at the push of a button, and you never have to worry about torches, open flames, or butane.

    How to use your new Core E-Rig

    Taking a draw off the Core is easy peasy lemon squeezy! First, attach your desired atomizer, then cycle to your preferred temperature setting by clicking the button 3 times.

    Next, load your concentrate into the coil. I recommend only loading enough for one session at a time to prevent overloading the coils.

    Finally, place your carb cap on top of the vapor dome, then double click the power button to start a session. The Core will vibrate once it’s pre-heated and ready to use.

    core power button

    Click the button once during a session to end it early, or continue to draw from it until your session is over. The device will vibrate again when your session time ends - if you’d like to continue your session, just double click the button again.

    You can press and hold the button to use the on demand heating function as well - this function tends to work best with the triple titanium coil. I personally prefer session mode for the bucket coils.

    Getting the perfect draw out of your Core

    When using the bucket coils, be sure to q-tip the bucket after every session. This is the most important step to make sure you always get delicious fresh vapor with every draw.

    qtip core bucket after use

    A slow and steady draw speed works best with the Core. If you pull too hard, you may splash your material out of the bucket. A consistent, slow pull is the best way to get thick clouds of vapor. Lift the carb cap to clear the chamber.

    The Core includes three different coils out of the box - a triple titanium coil, a titanium bucket coil, and a quartz bucket coil. Play around with each to see what you like best.

    There are four heat settings on the Core - Red and Blue for the Triple Titanium Coil, and White and Green for the Titanium/Quartz Bucket Coils. My preference has been the Titanium bucket on White, but play around and see what suits you best!

     Heating Level
    Coil Temperature
    Red Low Temp - Triple Titanium
    Blue High Temp - Triple Titanium
    White Low Temp - Bucket Coils
    Green High Temp - Bucket Coils

    SZ crossing coil temperature graph 
    These graphs show the temperature of the quartz bucket, titanium bucket, and triple titanium coils respectively over the course of a session. Special thanks to  the team at Shenzhen Crossing for this information - check out their Instagram page, @CrossingTech.

    Cleaning the Core Vaporizer

    Cleaning the Core vape is quick and easy. The vapor dome is held in place with an o-ring and simply pulls off of the body, and you can remove the coil by screwing it counter clockwise. 

    A little bit of isopropyl alcohol works best to clean off any residue. The glass body and bubble cap can be soaked in alcohol, and you can use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol to clean any residue out of the vapor path.

    The bucket coils can be further disassembled by inserting a coin into the slot on the rim and turning it counter clockwise. You can soak the bucket itself in alcohol for a deep cleaning, but make sure to keep the heater section of the coil dry.

    Allow everything to fully air dry before reassembling the device.

    the core disassembled

    Troubleshooting Error Codes

    If there is a rare connection issue with your Core vaporizer, the device will communicate an error code through red or white blinking lights. 

    If your Core is blinking red five times, the device needs to be charged. Plug it in and let it charge up to fix that.

    Two red blinking lights on your Core vape usually indicated a bad connection to the coil. Removing your coil and cleaning the connection area with alcohol can fix this issue. You can also try another atomizer to identify a faulty coil.

    Pros and Cons of the Core


    • No open flames - No torches, no butane, no hassle.
    • Wide variety of coil options - also compatible with Sai Plus coils.
    • Isolated vapor path - Vapor goes around the coils, not through the coils, which means better coil longevity.
    • Beveled edge for the perfect bubble cap seal - Always get that perfectly tasty low-temp draw.
    • Single button operation makes it simple to use.
    • Easy to load the wide buckets - works great with small or large loads.
    • USB-C charging - Universal USB-C charging means you can charge your Core up anytime, anywhere!
    • Fantastic build quality - With an all-metal body and a thick glass water attachment, the Core's build quality is top notch. The silicone sleeve adds grip and ensures your Core doesn't move around while you draw from it.
    • Reliable battery life - The Core's battery is solid and reliable, providing around thirty sessions per charge. I charge my Core once or twice a week to make sure it's always ready to go.


    • Bubble cap quality - Included glass bubble cap feels fragile, could be thicker.
    • Thin travel case - The travel case that comes with the unit could be a little more sturdy.
    • Not quite light as a feather - The Core’s pretty hefty! It weighs in at 458 grams.
    • Glass body options - Currently lacks custom glassware. We’re hoping to see alternative glass options on the market soon.
    • Avoiding splashback - Buckets can splatter if you overload them, or if you draw too hard.

    the core size comparison

    What makes an awesome E-rig?

    Vapor quality: The Core delivers thick, tasty, low temperature draws at the click of a button. 

    Isolated vapor path: An isolated vapor path prevents your vapor from coming in contact with electronics, and provides the tastiest and cleanest vapor. 

    Build quality: High quality materials and components are vital when creating a vaporizer. Lightweight plastic parts can feel cheap and disposable. The Core is made from a heavy duty aluminum alloy and thick borosilicate glass, along with an anti-slip silicone sleeve for extra grip.

    Battery life: You never want to be stuck with a dead e-rig in the middle of the woods! The Core packs a sizable battery so you know it’s ready when you need it.

    Portability: The included carrying case and small size make the Core the perfect portable e-rig. It's my favorite way to vaporize concentrates on the go.

    Coil reliability: Shenzhen Crossing has been producing concentrate atomizers for years now - this ain't their first rodeo! Their coil design is tried and true, and they're known for their longevity. By sending the vapor around the coils, rather than through the coils themselves, the Core’s coils will last you for a long time.

    Session time: With both an on demand mode and a session mode, you never have to worry about waiting for a draw with the Core.


    contents of the core vaporizer whats in box

     What's in the box?

      • CORE Vaporizer
      • Glass bubbler top
      • Bubble carb cap with tether
      • Triple Titanium with Black Ceramic coil (pre-installed)
      • Titanium bucket coil
      • Quartz bucket coil
      • 2 replacement O-rings
      • 5 cotton swabs
      • 2 alcohol pads
      • 1 silicone storage container
      • 1 loading tool
      • USB-C charging cable and US wall adapter
      • Travel Case with Foam
      • User Manual

    Final thoughts

    There's a perfect vape for everyone, and this could be the one for you! The Core does a great job of emulating the traditional rig and quartz banger setup. This is an awesome vaporizer especially if you don’t currently own an e-rig.

    The isolated airpath has been a long requested feature for previous e-rigs on the market and Shenzhen Crossing delivered. Native bubble cap support helps replicate the feeling of drawing from your favorite rig, and a variety of coils means there's an option for everyone.


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    What are your thoughts on the new Core vaporizer? Drop us a comment below, we'd love to hear what you think about it and we really appreciate all of your feedback!


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    An excellent middle of the road erig, that delivers Big! Stated out on a lynx hypnos, great for on the go lack luster hits. Wanted something more powerful but affordable, after research and cross comparison…the Core absolutely stood out (on demand rips) as other rigs more expensive (appr. half the price) don’t have this feature…I’ve been ripping the core for a couple days now, from calm to kick your a$$ rips is no issue for the core, my only gripe is the vertical bubbler…inconvenient to rip from, it needs a 45deg bend on the mouth piece…other then that, I luv it!


    Anything SC is bound to GREAT! I’m still on my original attys from my first purchase from you 5 yrs ago that has over a half lb of dabs ran through it of all consistancies from my SAI made by the same company! Best attys in the game!! Their top notch quality with a puff it ups service and guarantee of quality. You literally can’t lose!

    Thomas Valdez

    This looks pretty cool, would love to have it in hand for a better opinion. I think its great that it has a variety of coils to use. Please pick me haha.


    I haven’t tried a concentrate before and this review has me a little interested, can’t wait to see what happens.


    Can’t wait to try this out!! Fingers 🤞🏻


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