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We have been working with our friends at Fuck Combustion for almost six thousand years now (give or take). Recently they created a new section for us vaporizer sellers and right away we have the most comments and most page views (more than double than #2). Here are a few great things being said about us:

"I've used your shop several times and you helped find some pieces for my vape. I will certainly be back around when I need."

"I would definitely shop with puffitup again."

"always received top quality service. I referred several friends as well and they were all very satisfied. Who knew you could get the lowest price and the best customer service all at the same time"

How cool is that? We love great comments, they truly make our day! We also like the criticism too. Several years ago when we first announced our store on FC, all our immediate feedback was harsh. We listened to everything people were saying about us and used that feedback to make our products and service the absolute best.

Big thanks to all the FC members who were so critical to making PuffItUp the company it is today!


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