Swift Pro, The Flowermate Convection Vaporizer: First Look

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w00t w00t! Time to take a look at the new Flowermate Swift Pro Vaporizer. This is not the final version, changes are still being made. Expected release date is late October 2016. Flowermate swift pro convection vaporizer

Swift Pro Box

On the back of the box: Conduction vaporizers have been the standard of portable vaping for years. By keeping in mind the wants of the consumer, our team has developed a full convection vaporizer that acts upon the power of heated air to vaporize your materials. Rather than applying direct heat to the chamber, our convection vaporizer preserves the taste of your product by sending heated air through an isolated heating path, eliminating the carcinogens found during combustion.
  • Full Convection Heating - Heated air rather than a heated chamber vaporize your product.
  • Interchangeable Chamber Wall - Customize the material of your chamber with stainless steel or glass, to enhance your convection experience.
  • Isolated Heating Path - Airpath is isolated, eliminating any electronic taste
  • Temperature Control - Single digit temperature control from 140f - 446f or 60c - 230c
  • USB Charger - Charge on the go or at home with micro USB charging
What's Included: Swift Pro Vaporizer, Stainless Steel chamber wall, Borosilicate glass chamber wall, 5 Stainless steel chamber screens, packing tool and dabber, chamber removing tool, cleaning brush, USB charging cable, warranty information card, user manual. Flowermate swift pro portable vaporizer preview

The Swift Pro

Nice feel, lightweight design. The shell and buttons are rubberized. flowermate swift pro convection vaporizer Flowerpots swift pro convection vaporizer battery


Charging docks are overrated. They look cool and are convenient, however, using a USB port is more realistic. If you are on the go or at a friends house, chances are you can get your hands on a USB charger - most of us don't keep a backup vape charger on us. Sometimes it is best to be universal. flowermate swift pro convection vaporizer screen flowermate swift pro convection vaporizer on screen Flowermate swift pro portable vaporizer top chamber flowermate swift pro convection vaporizer chamber

Convection Chamber

The Swift Pro screen sits slightly above the element. There are two slots in the chamber that are used with the included tool to disassemble the chamber. flowermate swift pro convection vaporizer Chamber parts

Swift Chamber, 100% Convection

The wall is a simple glass ring cushioned with silicone. Rumor is the glass ring will have a stainless steel alternative. The Swift Pro is 100% convection; no heat comes from the side walls. flowermate swift pro convection vaporizer chamber open The heating element sits below the chamber. Hot air flows through the bottom of your herbs creating convection vapor. flowermate swift pro convection vaporizer accessories


Included with the Swift Pro is the chamber disassembly tool and a filling tool.


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