Odin Vaporizer Preview

Odin Vaporizer Preview

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Odin Vaporizer Preview

Vaporizers Vaporizers Vaporizers! Our industry is growing fast. Competition has resulted in better and cheaper vaporizers. As the technology progresses, more manufacturers are popping up with new designs. Our goal as a distributor is to find the best products for our customers. Sometimes we have to look far and wide for new vapes: not this time. The Odin is the brainchild of our friend Mike, an active member of #FuckCombustion and owner of Top Bond. Mike spent the last year working with FC members designing the Odin vaporizer. So far we are impressed with the results.

The Odin

** This is not the final version of the Odin, we will keep a change log at the bottom of this page**

The Odin is a juice box sized portable vaporizer that weighs in at 5.4 ounces and is 3.5 ” tall, 2.25″ wide and 1″ thick. Utilizing high-capacity 18650 batteries, the Odin handles about 10 cycles per charge. The crisp digital screen displays the current battery life and current temperature in either Fahrenheit or Celsius. 3 button operation keeps things simple with on/off and temperature up/down. Charge time is about an hour and a half with the included micro-usb. The chamber is ceramic glass and heats material through both convection and conduction. The mouthpiece is borosilicate glass, which is more durable and heat resistant than standard glass. The Odin has a bottom storage port for your mouthpiece, making it easier to travel with.

The side panels are aluminum heat-sink-fins, similar to the aluminum cooling units used inside computers. They do a great job of ensuring the Odin Vaporizer does not get too hot to hold, which is a problem with other vaporizers.

Odin Operation

5 presses of the center button turns the vaporizer on. Holding down the center button for 2 seconds will begin heating. The right and left buttons can be used to adjust the temperature.

Convection/Conduction Hybrid

Convection: The heating element is below the chamber, heating air that passes through your herbs while inhaling. This method usually provides the best flavor.

Conduction: The heating element is the chamber itself, constantly heating your herbs. This method is criticized for being less flavorful, however it is more efficient.

We all want a pure convection vaporizer. Unfortunately, pure convection takes a lot of energy and drastically affects battery life. Convection/Conduction hybrid heating is a newer concept that offers the strengths of both methods.

odin vaporizer convection and conduction


The goal with Convection/Conduction hybrid heating is to provide the full flavor of convection with the energy savings of conduction. This method was first attempted by Flowermate with the V3 Air, though it was far from a perfect design. Boundless Vapes recently introduced a pair of Convection/Conduction hybrids: their new CF and CFX vapes. The Odin’s heating design is similar to Boundless Vapes, except more on the convection side.

The air flows from the storage port, completely isolating the air path.

Final Thoughts

What we like: The vapor production is fantastic with the Odin; the convection/conduction method works great with portable vapes. The casing is designed to absorb a lot of heat; this vape was never too hot to hold or use. The digital display is simple and functional, not overly complicated like some vapes. We love vapes with storage ports for the stem, it makes the vaporizer much more portable. The 1 year warranty covers everything except the glass.

What we didn’t like: The metal base of the mouthpiece gets hot.  ***Update***  We have confirmed with Bond Vapes that this piece is changing and will have a silicone cover. Thank you Mike for the fix, this really shows Bond Vapes wants to make the best product possible.

The Odin will be available in our store soon. We have no problem recommending this vaporizer to a first time or experienced user. The overall look and feel of the Odin gives the impression of a higher priced vaporizer, however the price is on the lower end. The owner (Mike) of Top Bond has proven time and time again that he wants to make the best possible vape. If you use Rizon IRC you can talk to him yourself in #FuckCombustion, we are usually in there too 🙂

We want to know your thoughts; please comment below. Keep an eye on our FC Thread and our new mega-awesome SubReddit; as soon as the Odin is available we will give some away. Subscribe to win free stuff 🙂


  • Mouthpiece has been changed, silicone heat cover added
  • Buttons updated


Odin vaporizer by bond vapes

Odin vaporizer by bond vapes

Odin vaporizer by bond vapes

Odin vaporizer by bond vapes

Odin vaporizer by bond vapes

Odin vaporizer by bond vapes mouthpiece

Odin vaporizer by bond vapes


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